Fire update  

badplasma1970 47M
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9/6/2006 5:56 pm
Fire update

Ok here is an real qwk fire update--it has to be qwk--my laptop battery is dieing--lol

The Mazama fire jumpped from a sleeping fire to a rageing fire overnight monday night grew from 200 acers to 1000 acers--and the fire spotted over a ridge--makeing it closer to homes--and the town of Mazama--

The columbia Complex fire--The fire is still growing with the help of D-N-R (Dumb N Retarted) oh sorry--my bad--they are still doing thier backburn magic causeing more problems--hey if there is no fuel for the fire then it cant burn right--but then you killed the hill side t=for the next ten years--yeah for them--That fire is now upwards of 70,000 acers--and at a cost of close to 90 million dollars and still the number one fire in the nation--

ok have a good day

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