Another fire  

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9/7/2006 6:38 am

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Another fire

Hello all--

it just seems like yesterday that I did an update. Oh wait it was yesterday.

Well last night I was over at a friends house--hopeig that it was going to turn into a friendship with benifits--still working it--and my pager goes off, WILDLAND FIRE I love wildland fires. But I was trying to work this deal--Id much rather get laid than fight fires, or is it the ohter way around--

I decide that Im not going to go on this call and stay at my friends house--but things are not working--she doesnt what that to become part of our friendship--but yet she does-blah blah--so I say my good bys to head to the firestation to see if there is still a truck to take to the fire--

And there was---one last little lonly truck and a very frantic FNG (fucking new guy), Well the FNG didnt know what to do--where to go--so I calmed him down and told him to turn his pants around and they would fit better.

So we jump in this truck--its an old jeep--but the thing would climb trees if you wanted it to.

We are heading up this road and the FNG is going oh my god look at the size of just the glow--i told him to clam down--that was only a yard light.

We head up the road round this bend and came face to face with one very long line of burning sagebrush--now I tell him--thats one fucking big fire--I didnt think we were going to catch it right away. Well first stop on big fires like that is the comand post.

I pull into the ICP and my chief runs up and says--two rucks got stuck in the middle of the fire--get out there and pull them out--so off we go to save the day--

It took us a bit but we protected and freed the two trucks--with the help of other trucks. I ened up switching trucks with another guy, I didnt know why at first--but then when we got rolling--the other guy was driveing and I was on the back with the hose--I got the fuck knocked around--at first I thought I had cracked a rib or something--but it ended up I just dislocated my shoulder and a few other parts.

After the little mis-hap we went and started attacking the fire--we headed right for the head of the fire--attacking the best--putting the wet stuff on the red stuff--after two hours of attacking the fire--we had it out-

I swear--and I dont swear that much--I swear that from this day forward--I will never ever get in the same truck with the guy from last night--that guy has no method to his driveing--drives past big fire so I can put water on little fire--I dont know if he got scared or what--but I was the one on the outside of the truck getting my face burned off from the heat-

All in all--it was s very exciteing fire--almost orgasmic--but as I thought about it later--sex or fire--very tough choice--very tough--

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