How proud America,  

badgered69 49M
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9/2/2005 3:38 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

How proud America,

Astonished and shocked at what I am watching on TV reference hurricane Katrina. See a major area of the self proclaimed greatest nation on earth being reduced to images of a third world country. Taking into account the day immediatly after the hurricane not being a viable 24 hrs to begin getting aid to these areas, it has still taken another four days to do so. There may be an argument in defense of not getting the clean up and rescue programmes moving within this time, but to leave thousands of people, men/women/children, without food or water, which could easily have been air lifted in within a 48 hr period, is beyong belief and cannot be defended.
A president who only recently has not been forthcoming with helping to relieve world debt because he wanted to concentrate on the U.S. of A.
A president who we hear constantly going on about what a great American patriot he is.
I feel so terribly sorry for the people who have been caught up in this mess.
Sorry to see the home of jazz and the surrounding areas reduced to water ridden, disease infested hell holes.
Sorry to see police officers being ordered to stop looters from stealing from shops that will be insured against losses anyway before being ordered into helping people survive. Nice principles, property before life!!!
I hear so often Americans going on about thanking god for this and thanking god for that. I'm sure that over the next few days I will hear Americans thanking god for saving them from this disaster. If you believe god created everything, and saved you, and helped you and gave you strength throughout this dificult period, then you already know that Katrina was sent by god, so thank him for that!
It's also interesting to see how quicking what we perceive as law & order can break down into anarchy. At the drop of a hat when people are put under the pressure to survive they return to basic instincts. Do anything you need to do to survive.
Katrina was a natural disaster and there was nothing we could do to stop it, but just the same as any problem we have at work or home, you do everything you can to resolve the problem when it happens and then look at the cause afterwards.
Watching Bush today I just get this over riding feeling that he is more concerned about his job than he is genuinely concerned about the people caught up in this mess.
I'm sure he's very proud of his actions and proud that his actions represent America to the eyes of the world .
And I'm sure all Americans are very proud to be American and see their countrymen being so well looked after.
Before replying with a shitty response to this posting, remember that if you live in America it could be you in the very same situation next time. Would you be happy if your government did not get any aid to you for 5 days? I think not.
America may claim to be the greatest nation on the planet, but greatness is not measured by how powerful your armies are, or by how wealthy and powerful you are it's measured by how well respected you are by other nations through how you treat your own people as well as other people. Judge a great nation in the same way as you judge a great person. And in the eyes of the world America is not being judged as great at all.

Goldicocks 44F

9/3/2005 12:19 am

Well, Badgered, I agree with you on your views on ole Georgie boy. You're right, he doesn't give a shit about the people in New Orleans (that were not able to get out due to lack of transportation). Do you know why? Because they're poor.

I do have one thing to say about the looting ... looting for food, water, medical supplies is OK (it's what you need to survive); but stealing guns, stereos, and microwave ovens is ridiculous! Not to mention the retards that think it's OK to and terrorize just because they haven't eaten in 4 days. Many people have been in dire situations and have not resorted to such behavior. Those are the sewer rats that should have died ... they serve no purpose in this world but to make my veins pop out on my forehead.

I'm really a humanitarian ... for people that act like humans, not animals.

badgered69 49M
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9/4/2005 4:46 am

Totally agree Goldicocks. Money still talks. I wonder how many of N.O's wealthy got trapped in the city? not many I suspect. Historically Britain has been renowned for having a class system, this is not the case any more, and America definatly has a racist/class issue going on. A few years ago I was in N.O. staying at some expensive hotel on business and whilst walking around the town in the day I came across four chaps playing in the street, being a musician myself I'm always interested in seeing people play, I got chatting to them and they asked me to come along and see them that night in a club called The BlueNote (I think that was it). When I ordered a taxi that evening from the hotel and told the driver where I was going he refused to drive me there, I asked him why and his response was 'it's all niggers around that area'! I was shocked by the fact that this taxi driver was happy to say this to a complete stranger and it semed like a totally normal thing to say. Any way he finally agreed to drive me there and proceeded to drop me off without hardly stopping, almost had to jump, went into the club and couldn't see the band so I went to the bar, there was a staircase to the bar, wide enough for about 2 people, at the top of the stairs was a huge black chap, I'm 6ft 4 and he towered over me, and as I walked up the stairs he just stood there looking at me and made no attempt to move, at this point I was thinking that perhaps the taxi drivers warning should have been heeded, anyway never one to walk away from any conflict situation I carried on and walked up to him and said to him 'excuse me, may I get to the bar' I shall never forget the look on his face, he was genuinely shocked and instantly moved out of the way. I got myself a beer and walked back to try and find a table, this chap was sat at a table with a group of black people and he called me over and offered me a seat, Claude was his name and my toughts are with him, to cut a long story short he explained to me that he was amazed that a white person actually spoke to a black person with some manners and respect. He also commented on the fact that the English he had met are not at all racist but that no American would have said the same thing to him. I would not have believed things like this still go on unless I had seen it for myself. In the end had a great night and met some fantastic people in a truly fantastic town.

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