Are u a good one  

badbitch6981 36F
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4/17/2006 6:02 pm

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Are u a good one

Ok me and my girls have been talking and we asked each other are we good a woman??? Well we had all stated that we know how to treat are man inside and out, but I went deeper. I explain that I will cook,clean do anything ( I M MEAN ANYTHING) So why is it so hard to find that right one, or even keep him? My last boyfriend I had, was a little bit of a freak but I guess I was too much. I wanted to have a threesome with a another girl, have sex outside just anything to be different,pretty much any where any time. So what would you make of all this????? I m just a chick that like to please her man.

rm_BigSexxxy693 47M
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4/17/2006 8:19 pm

Wow it has been a while since you were here Bad....welcome back....I have to answer truthfully here...I am no good!! I am the worst!!! I treat a lady like a lady, but I am horrible with everything else!! Faithfulness Etc. I hope you find your good one though!!!

Da Big Fella

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4/17/2006 8:24 pm


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funlover3077 58M
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4/17/2006 8:56 pm

Trust me. That works both ways. I'm still searching for the right one.
It's gotten to the point where it's not worth the hassel. I work my butt off about the most I ever wanted was someone to be home when I got there. I spoil women, not that it's a bad thing. At least recognize it. As far as the sex outside or something, I owned my own business. I owned a piece of heavy equipment where I did a lot of work for farmers, ranchers and grove owners. I would go to work some nights, in the middle of no where and be in awe at how beautiful quiet and stimulating it could be. Especially on full moons.
To be out during the time citrus trees bloom and the sweet smell they radiate, a very cool night, a blanket and someone to share that experience with. You could say we'll just go out and look at the sky
but trust before you left you'll have had your best sex ever. Even on the ranches laying out by the creek that runs thru. Hell you get my point. There are other people like you. But if I get to take two beautiful ladies, after we finished I could die right there a very happy man. If I care about someone I do what ever they ask of me.
Especially if it's something naughty. Sorry just trying to be, Oh Hell, trying to be me. I am a bit of a romantic. It's like if you're from a seriously disfunctional family, psycological *%*& up or a homicidal maniac sweetheart I'm your man.
I can't figure out how I attract this kind of woman so easy.
Oh well you're not alone. If your ever in Sarasota FL.let me know. I promise I'll take you on a memorable trip outdoors.

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