I need to hold seminars...  

bad277aff 56M
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4/4/2006 8:18 am
I need to hold seminars...

I swear, if I run across one more spankable young lady who's husband/boyfriend/whatever is doing such a poor job of keeping her walking funny that I have to hear about it, I'm gonna put out an infomercial.
I mean, guys, c'mon. I don't care if you're hung like a hamster, there are still ways you can make her get religious (as in "oh god, oh god") every night, or if she prefers, every morning. Which brings me to my next topic, giving head. Guys, if you refuse to go down on your woman, you are truly
fucking retarded. I mean think about it: she gets off, & if you've done it correctly she'll be laying there, limp, helpleess, breathing hard, and trying to remember how to speak English. At that point, you can do pretty much anything you want to her. If you want to dress her up like a nun and turn her face down, that's the time to bring it up. I'm just saying.

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