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backtothescene2 49M
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7/8/2006 9:58 pm
SF looking?

Who would be interested in chatting and getting to know one another? I mean by that, a female that is close enough to me to maybe actually meet at some point. Someone that would like to give a try at taking the time to get to know someone. I think I've forgotten how that part actually works. I don't mean a relationship or sex is expected, just getting to actually know another person. Talk about the weather, general interests, or whatever, and go from there. For instance, I like to cook outdoors over open fire, with dutch ovens. Spend an entire day preparing things. It's next to impossible to do for one. LOL. It's even difficult to do for just a couple people. Feeding a crowd is the easiest actually, and usually very rewarding. I was born and raised on a ranch. We didn't do a big production of branding in the spring. We did a fairly modern method of pushing cattle through a chute individually. I was involved in some old fashioned "rope and drag" brandings with the bigger ranches where I'm from, where several ranches would brand in one day. Get together a big crew, and move from ranch to ranch. I went to one in Wyoming once, where they had several hundred head, and it was a big day. A grizzled looking old man that could remember some of the old days of big Texas ranching was onhand to cook that day. He turned out the most amazing things, and I was hooked. I've dabbled with that type of cooking ever since. I've cooked for a hunt club for the last year, and had a blast.

That's a start. Any one care to relate something general about themselves that they love to do?

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