Freakology 102  

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8/28/2006 11:24 am
Freakology 102

Freakology 102 (intermediate concepts)

Don’t be afraid to enjoy sex, stop worrying about what people will think of you because they are repressed or can’t admit they enjoy sex. That’s how our nation breeds sex offenders, check the registry in your zip code…. You’ll be surprised. Stop saying I’ll do this but I won’t do that part…. That’s shits bu bu. If you don’t intend to finish what you start let it alone. That goes out to non-swallowers and premature ejaculators cause you jackasses would be real mad if us vets got you right up to climax & “went ok I’m done.” You don’t leave the theater right before the end or leave a tied basketball game in the fourth quarter during game 7 do you?

Fellas if you can’t make that woman cum take the hit & lick the clit. You’re giving us a bad name. & don’t talk like you daddy long dick & you not… she’ll tell people like me and we’ll LAUGH AT YOU together for hours…..

If you are a freak stand up proud and say “I HANDLE MY BIZ IN THE BEDROOM”........ NO REALLY STAND UP AND SAY IT......

Its also important to learn the difference between a freak/nastyman & a hoe/manwhore. Us freaks/nastymen do what we do for the pleasure of our bodies because we understand that as sexual beings we have a right to enjoy ourselves and our partners. You hoes/manwhores do what you do more in the traditional sense of the word "whore" someone who has sex in exchange for goods. They have sex to placate their ego’s or for that thirst for affection or attention. Needing it so bad they’ll fuck anyone to get it anything to boost offset deep rooted self esteem issues (some of them do this same thing by advertising that they aren’t having sex but have all kind of “lingerie or T&A” pics on their page face isn't even on half the pics, you’ve seen them yahoo is rampant with them except they're nudes). They are the weak ones. We are not, us freaks/nastymen understand that sex is power. but not power to be abused or used to dominate others or massage one’s own ego with, but to share equally with our partners & master our own sexuality.

stay tuned for the next lesson......

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