Sunday Evening  

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7/16/2006 7:35 pm

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7/18/2006 4:20 am

Sunday Evening

I've been trying to et a project done for work all weekend...Seems the harder I try, the less ambition I have to complete the project. I have these presentations to do this week and am trying to get some things together for that plus doing the PowerPoint presentations for said presentations and having some visuals so it's not terribly boring.....And it'd be nice to have some direction as to what I'm supposed to be doing and if what I'm doing is moving things in the correct direction....OY....I think along with my "house spouse", I need a secretary.....

Oh, and I need a life...Get out, do some things with people...But it seems as if people I'm interested in aren't interested in esablishing something with me....*sigh*

Don't let your past dictate who you are but let it part of who you will become.


rm_sbffv 64M
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7/17/2006 10:29 am


You are a busy executive without a lot of time to spend waiting for the phone to ring, so I suggest you take the initiative and call the person you are interested in. If the person happens to be a guy, be blunt. You know subtlety doesn't work on us! Or, you could just out your interest on Juicy's thread on that subject. That could really liven the place up. LOL

jaimeOOO69 53F

7/18/2006 3:53 am


It sounds like you need to meet some new people.

Maybe this Friday?

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