Another day on the Merry-go-round  

babysgotblueeyez 54F
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7/10/2006 3:33 pm
Another day on the Merry-go-round

I just ADORE Monday's (or any other day, for that matter) when things get changed 67 times in 3 minutes...Let's do this training this day...No, that day...No, the other day...Nope, how about this day at this time? GAWDS!!!! I nearly ran outta eraser on my pencil AND white-out. Just give me a date & time and let's stick with it....And the prize of it is having two facilities to be responsible for makes it TWICE as much fun....OK, I think I'm done bitching now....

I wanted to take a minute to thank a member on A*F*F for a really amazing evening Friday..... He knows who he is and all he need say is...Mmmhhhhhhhhhmmmmmm...*sigh*

Don't let your past dictate who you are but let it part of who you will become.


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