Are we the only ones on here who want friends???  

babygurlntoyman 44M/41F
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3/27/2006 9:24 pm
Are we the only ones on here who want friends???

Ok so here is my question...are we the only ones on this site who want to be friends with someone BEFORE we just jump into bed with them....I have come across some that are cool with that but then again more times than not they act like we are crazy!!! Why does it seem like everyone wants a Barbie and Ken couple...haven't they ever heard of Toys R' Us?? I mean hello in today's day and age why are people still worried about what someone looks like instead of what kind of person they are at heart?

Well please feel free to comment if you like...Hope to at least make some new friends that is if there is anyone out there who wants that as we do!!!!

Have a great day and good luck on your search!!!!

rm_Corstis 45M/40F

1/11/2007 12:53 pm

No kidding. We are looking for friends first, and maybe something more if the mood is right for everyone involved. As for the Ken/Barbie couples, usually they are that themselves, and looking for strictly a physical connection.

Hell with that. I'd like some form of mutual interest before hopping into anything physical. We're looking for something physical, don't get me wrong, just not straight out of the box. If we meet some good friends along the way before actually meeting a couple (or individual) who works for us, all the better.

Good luck on your search as well! Left an e-mail for you. We seem quite like-minded.

teabagger47 70M
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4/7/2007 12:47 am

I'm afraid you will find that many times AdultFriendFinder doesn't actually deliver e-mails.

Although your "sent" file says it was sent, if you wait a day and pull up the persons profile it will say, "You haven't sent them an e-mail." Hmmmmmmm?

I am of the mind that sometimes AdultFriendFinder delivers the goods ... but more often than not, they don't. You just think they delivered the e-mail when in fact they have not.

I learned this from trying to shoot e-mails back and forth with an AdultFriendFinder friend followed by phone calls. The results were truly unamazing!

My opinion is that AdultFriendFinder has grown in size wherein they don't have the technical capability to properly manage it. However, I will say that their ability to charge credit cards seems to work perfectly.

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