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2/21/2006 5:24 am

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When I was a youngster, my dad told me "Son, to get ahead in this world you have to be tough". Unfortunately, I thought he said beat off. So here I am.

I remember the first time I had an orgasm, I was 12 I think. I was on my bed, naked, and had an erection. I noticed that it felt good to move my hips back and forth and rub it on the sheets. Then it started to sort of itch, and it felt even better to rub it some more. But then it itched more, so I rubbed it more. All of a sudden I had this kind of explosive feeling that ran all the way down my legs, back up through my groin, and made my ass muscles cramp on and off. Then I saw this puddle of white stuff on the sheet. It scared the hell out of me, and I said to myself "I'll never do that again!" Yeah, right. I used that method of masturbation for several years until I figured out that you could just use your hand to pump it.

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