The view........take a peak...come on....!!!  

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9/9/2005 3:25 pm

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The view........take a peak...come on....!!!

It’s the view I’ve longed to see,
so I can imagine how it will be.

To work my way down to this very spot,
and take you in my mouth making you so hot!

The view from between your knees,
making you moan and groan, oh Please!

Take me in your mouth, give it to me good,
as sloppy and slutty as you could.

I would enjoy feeling you go from soft to hard as a rock, and all your pent up sexual energies I’ll continue to unlock.

This view from between your knees,
to look you in your eyes while I do this, a moment I’d like to freeze.

See you enjoying me enjoying you oh so much
that you can’t keep your hands away you just have to touch.

You touch me in that place between my thighs,
and you look at me directly in my eyes.

While you drive me absolutely crazy with your mouth, we both enjoy this area there in the south!

Enjoy each other we certainly do,
I like that the mutual enjoyment is so true!

Just to think of the time we finally meet,
and you take me back to your house, so sweet!

Our first time together at your house in your bed, mmmmm I’m liking these thoughts in my head.

To crawl up beside you in your king sized bed, so sweet, as it will be when our lips first meet.

The feel of those lips as they touch mine,
is a kiss that will be so utterly divine.

Leading to an act between us that we’ve spoken about, to enjoy each other, we will, I have NO doubts.

All starting with the view from between your knees, anyone ever tell you, you’re quite the tease!

for my magical blaster man ....

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