b0rg_ 45M
18 posts
5/27/2006 4:56 pm

I am so horny now I would pop if I were a champagne bottle. Jeez waiting for Her to call is the worst part.

You start thinking.. did She get my email....

Maybe She had second thoughts.. maybe she found someone else.

Ack!! I am so horny.. patience is something I'm going to have to learn to deal with I guess.

I am going to not accept any other invitations tonite becuase I like the one who has responded to me. I just pray that she calls me or I'm gonna have blueballs all weekend.

Hey will one of you out there please pray for me that I will get laid finally by a real woman?

All I ever get hit on is by guys and its so annoying because women are too scared to approach me or something I guess. It pisses me off but hey All I can do is say Please! Women RESCUE ME!!

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