The Night Sounds Are Sweet  

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5/4/2006 7:48 pm

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The Night Sounds Are Sweet

I hear the soft sounds of the night
as I feel the coolness that draws
from the still of the deepest dark woods.

As my face lifts up to the sweet breeze
loving the sensual feel,
closing my eyes to shut out
that which I do not wish within my memory,
smelling the old trees
that stands for hundreds of years now.

Peace.... sweet peace of the calm.

Leaving behind all that once was.
Slowly moving my memories
from that which causes me pain.
That voice not heard now
from the day of light
aggravation now gone once more.

As the soft breeze in the night,
the memories are not biting
within my soul...
Feeling the calm once again
taking over the soft skin
that has grown cold.

Let the cold stand
for there is now peace
within the calm.

Written by jdf 29TH July 2005

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