A Dream? Is This Yet Another Dream  

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4/30/2006 10:04 am

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A Dream? Is This Yet Another Dream

Look upon the ocean deep and see the storm as it moves ever so slowly to the shore. The lightening flashes in the deepest of waters filling your spirit with wonder and excitements beyond the depth of your wildest dreams.

Looking back to that which is, seeing a shadow that passes near.... noticed, moves ever so slowly upon the sands to where she lies ... unafraid...but knowing that the storm ever so slowly creeps upon the unknowing.

Shadows move slowly but then stops...feeling then looking...waking to the warmth upon the beach, seeing a soul as if lost in the deepest of void.

Smiling up with eyes of innocence, yet not innocent for the wisdom shows deeper still.

Under the fading moon, the twilight of the stars as they dance upon the deepest of nights...his breath now felt upon her cheek whispers that he wishes to know what it is that he seeks.

Speaking the truth as the feeling of his breath was still lingering upon my soft cheek.

Softly speaking that which was truth, the telling of the tale and that which he wished to know...he leaned toward me closer still and sighs under the spell of release...his smile sweet and longing still.

Softly speaking all I knew from my very soul, the innocence of truth to why we are as we are.

Slowly closing his eyes to further look deeper upon me as to steal my soul, his strong hand moved to mine to lift me from the sand of the shores. Ever so slowly his deep penetrating eyes opened to see into the soft blue ones looking to his as to ask. Seeing that his were that of the earth...the mind wondered to the waters that roughly caressed the shore during the storm now upon us...standing there...looking within the deepest of our souls...seeing that which was understanding to the fullest. Longing that it was truth that held the deepest of wishes.... causing our very existence to crave that which we felt.

As that of the great and mighty ship upon the ocean deep, under the stars that pull it to that which it seeks, feeling the pleasure, strength and power, knowing fully the way...the way for that which is sought to fulfill that which is.

Written by JDF, 4th August 2005

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