this has been a long time fantasy of mine  

ayaziduck 61M
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7/27/2006 8:41 am
this has been a long time fantasy of mine be a regular lover for an older woman. i don't fully understand it, why, my desire and attraction to mature females, but its real and persistent year after year. in my fantasy that will be my wonder filled reality soon i hope, an older kind gentle feminine lady lives a simple but sexually lonely life. she remembers how it felt having a man inside her and she fantasizes of how he feels deep inside her as she masturbates herself to sleep. she misses being kissed, the feel of a man's hands touching her all over, she imagines her fingers and hands on a man's erection again and feeling his warm body so close to hers. she finds herself on an adult site looking, dreaming, hoping, wondering, could i find a tender lovingly kind gentle understanding clean safe attractive gentleman that would commit to her as her lover? at the same time, i arrive at this site, wondering, hoping she is here too. i wonder if she will undress me like opening a gift? slowly, anticipating what will soon be hers, then treasuring her gift like someone precious and rare? i believe there is a lady just like me, here, waiting, looking, hoping for me. i can't wait to know you dear lover.

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