First Fantasy with a Mistress...  

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6/28/2006 5:56 pm
First Fantasy with a Mistress...

Hello, my name is Avery. I red your profile and I cannot contain my excitement because you are the goddess I have always dreamt about. First of all I love the eat a women out and my tongue is tireless. I love to feel the energy of the pleasure that it gives a women and I will find every nook and cranny that electrifies you with all levels of pleasure. I assure you that I will be a full eight course meal with ALL THE TRIMMINGS. The more you enjoy the more I perform until you can take no more.
My fantasy begins here...
We meet and ponder the questions of the universe; we discuss things of beauty and turn to the topic of human pleasure. Suddenly, I feel an energy that passes between us, a connection. I become intrigued and want some of your delicate box and taste your nectar. We were talking in a quite dark restaurant and now in this dark place I feel as if light is radiating everywhere as our sexual energy culminated through a gentle yet powerful kiss.

We buy an exceptional merlot... and go to a five star hotel. We go to our room and adjust the lighting. We have some candles and scented oils that are not overwhelmingly powerful but still present.

I open the wine and smell the cork; it’s palatable so I pour gently with controlled passion. We sip the wine and gently kiss each other savoring the taste of the wine mixed with the sweet taste of your darting tongue.

Slowly, teasingly you remove your clothes one layer at a time. My cock throbs, and begins to actually pump inside my dress pants, feeling confined in such a small place. It wants to come out and greet you, but I restrain as I take in every moment of your seduction. You dance and move and hypnotically I begin to surrender to you. You have transformed me into your pleasure machine whose only mission is to give you overwhelming pleasure. Once you are down to your expensive lingerie you come close to me. With fire in your eyes, you come and give me a push square in your chest. You did not need to say that you wanted me to eat your pussy; I read it in your eyes and in your dance during the love machine transformation. I lay down with my head in an easy position for you to aim your pussy. To my surprise and utter delight you are dripping and swollen and ready for pleasure. I begin to tease your inner milky thighs with my darting tongue.
Impatiently, my mistress says in a stern voice, "EAT MY PUSSY, NOW!"

Without giving second thought, I obeyed. I began with a gentle tongue motion between the lips of your delightful box. I was in heaven, my mistress began to sigh.

She lowers herself more on my and my tongue is now inside her and my nose is rubbing her swelling clit. What bliss!!!! Oh, no, she's bucking harder and my tongue is going deeper. Wait I can't breath, no it's ok my mistress is getting pleasure. My index finger finds its way to the hole as if by instinct and survey's every point of pleasure and measures the intensity by the variety of responses. And as a composer of music, Avery begins to compose his masterpiece of pleasure for his mistress. My now her bucking became gyrations which signaled one thing. Mistress will order a good fucking, and as if on cue mistress says, "Fuck me NOW!"

Avery's underwear was sopping wet with precum. His cock was aching from being confined to his pants and underwear. Hastily, pants, shirt, underwear and socks came off as if by sheer magic.

Mistress stood up, and Avery read that she wanted him to lie down on the bed. Avery's cock was hard, hot, and wet, the kind that mistress loved! Nothing she hated more than a cold limp dick!

Her pussy was dripping with her juices from the delightful oral pleasures, but now she was completely mesmerized and focused on Avery's big and hard manhood perfect to fulfill her pleasures. She lowered herself down on is hot poker and instantly used his tool to hit all her pleasure points. Seems that Avery was a perfect fit as she navigated on focused on every spot. She concentrated on one, and began to bounce as Avery's cock head kissed it, with each gyration the kiss got harder and harder. Until the electricity started to build in her legs and a warm heat rose from her stomach to her spine. She was coming, and Avery could feel her pussy swell and contract. Avery wanted so badly to come but he new that several orgasms could not possibly be enough this was only a quarter of a way though the eight course meal. Mistress would soon command Avery to fuck her and he knew no five minute fuck would do. Avery could feel the pleasure as the sexual energy was transferred and transformed.

Mistress, called in a panther horny cat sort of way, "Now fuck me, fuck me hard, and do not stop until I tell you to. And if I don't tell you to stop will you will fuck me till the end of time! Don't pussy foot around either I want it hard and good."

Obediently, Avery rose from the bed trying to contain his excitement. His eyes almost teared up at the sight of her perfect shaved pussy rouge in color ready to receive Avery's member. Avery enters her pussy gently and slowly to ensure mistress' comfort, then once inside and lubed by her hot juices. He begins to fuck hard and fast as if driven by the same force that drives a jack rabbit. Mistress is overwhelmed with pleasure as she feels his big balls bang against her shaved peach. She felt a swelling inside, and could not contain her yelps of pure pleasure. Delicate and delightful mini-orgasms culminating for the big eruption. As if he could read he mind his slowed is rhythm down and using information from his initial investigations with is finger, he used is hard thick cock to caress each pleasure zone. Time had no meaning as she cultivated each and every delight as one savors every flavor in a gourmet meal. Avery, than begain to whisper in a gentle latin language, "Você é linda, como o primero sol depois dum escuridão. Teus olhos brilha como um fogo de passão si limite. O teu calor me da comforto e paz. Este momento é como eternidade, vivido. Será que o seu calor vai durar sempre, se for eu sou deposto para sirvir, você ate o fim- se o fim não existir então é sempre que vou a sirvir você."

The words caressed her ears like an ocean breeze. The language was understood, buy her soul if not buy the ears.

This is my fantasy with you,

Shall we???

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