Did somebody ask for wild game?  

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10/30/2005 9:05 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Did somebody ask for wild game?

Nothing like a lil party for 75 people. My RV was the host sight of yet another wild tailgate party on the Stanford campus. Lots of wine, beer, BBQ, meats [30 pounds of skirt steak], and meets and greets. All catered by me. The only thing I was missing was a pet of pleasure to keep my smiling with her kisses and special attention.

The wild game? Venison, bison, alligator!!!

What would be really wild is to have my pet of pleasure being the assistant to the chef [me] - making the women jealous and the men envious.

Think of the tailgate party as a wild frat/sorority party for alums and friends.

Sometimes we do make it into the game - like the Stanford vs. UCLA game. Other time, we're having too much fun to go in - like the Stanford vs. ASU game.

Next entry will be about the clubs on and near Broadway in San Fran.

Care to join me???

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