Remebering oh so good  

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7/5/2006 11:39 pm

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Remebering oh so good

Well life is pretty good and now hitting 40 years old thinking back over the time that has flown by…

I remember and oh how I miss starting at the feet kissing the ankle massaging the feet with my fingers kissing up to the knees then slowly licking the thighs letting my hands wonder moving higher up the thigh lips gently brushing the skin feeling the skin bristle moving from one thigh to the other stopping briefly over the panties to catch the aroma that scent of a woman taking a deep breath sucking in all the way down sliding my tongue down between the legs slowing spreading them hearing the soft moaning sucking on the soft inner thighs licking higher until my nose touches sucking the air through the panties and licking the edges sliding the tongue under taking the fingers and hooking the panties sliding them down and off kissing and licking the inner thighs again moving from one to the other brushing the pussy lips with the nose sucking the thighs the pussy being moving closer almost guided towards the mouth kissing the lips taking the tip of the tongue slowly up and d! own tasting the sweet womanly sliding the hands under the cheeks to lift up while letting the tongue snake inside hearing the moaning the tension escaping replaced by relaxation wiggling the tongue from side to side sucking on the pussy lips lapping up the juice and driving the tongue in and out feeling the body pushing against the month aching for more replacing the tongue with a finger and kissing the hood slowly driving the finger deeper pressing on the g-spot while kissing the bud and flicking the clit with the tip of the tongue gently sucking the clit in time with the finger sliding in and out adding a second finger feeling the hands on the head forcing the face harder into the body now moving in time bucking and jumping moans escaping building up sucking on the clit harder over the edge feel her cum …

This is what I miss I love oral I love to lick, suck, kiss, touch, tickle, rub take time to explore guess time is short, kids, family, etc it’s just like get it over where’s the passion

SO do I shutup and forget about it…. wash it down the shower… get the anti virgara or what…

Not knowing anything about you please share a little of what you are with me. help me

Thanks for listening

Slicknsweet22 37F

7/20/2006 9:53 pm

Aww, poor baby. . .you need a playmate Or atleast maybe a knock to the side of the wife's head (j/k). . .how she can't enjoy what you want to offer to her is unbelievable to me. Wish I could help sugar, but I don't know any tricks to open her up to you.

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