Issues, I've got issues - the war  

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10/8/2005 3:47 am

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Issues, I've got issues - the war

Issue 1 - The War

Okay, it's really annoying to read all the things that people have to say about supporting the war effort yet when it comes to the sacrifices that come along with this effort - it's all lip service. I say to those that think this is such a fabulous idea, send your kids or join up! The truth is that since Vietnam (or even Korea), with the advent of television and the war being brought into your homes on a day to day, or hour to hour basis, we don't have the stomach for what really happens. And let's face it, it's easier to hate when you don't have to face your so called enemy. The basic people that we wage war against don't hate us as Americans. They hate the double standards we apply as a country. We look the other way when people abuse rights as long as our economic interest aren't threatened....but when oil is in the path, watch out! Then we spring into action! People now live in a world of instant information, and the rest of the world has finally started to really learn about america....the land of the free as long as you were white, male and of the right religion. For all of our advances in this culture, we can't shake the past of our foreparents. Sure, there have been changes in our society, but for every change, something or someone else has to take it's place in the hate game. We replace one group with another as the ultimate enemy, the ultimate people lacking in moral values, the ultimate people who don't belong! And the rest of the world sees this. And what's really bad is that the people setting the tone for our being viewed this way have not served the cause of this country on the front lines, would not allow one child or grandchild of theirs to serve and are all a bunch of cowards! Hiding behind the so called moral right to chose for the rest of us and with God's help. Do any of you really believe that God is down with killing women and children - no matter what the cause? Think about it because this situation will mark us and our children and our children's children for life.

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