A lover  

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2/28/2006 6:23 am

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A lover

Almost a lover.

It was well over a month that I had not had her and today I decided to call her.

I was taking a shower when she came in. I came out to dry myself and she was already at the mirror. She looked as if she had put on some weight.

The she start removing her clothes and I stand slightly behind her. My hands reached out for her body and as she unclipped her bra, my fingers went for her nipples. And her nipples hardened as my fingers went over it.

She turned over and we looked at each other in the eyes as if we were long lost lover. She told me that I had not visited her for more than a month. I told her it was her choice as I wanted to ask her to meet outside and she refused.

But we did not have time for quarrel. Our lips locked and I was lusting for her. She made a hand signal and made me lie on the mattress on the floor.

The her mouth and tongue went for my nipples as I laid on the mattress. At the same time, my fingers were caressing her soft tender breasts and twiddling her nipple ever so lightly. Her breasts were smallish but they were soft and her nipples hardened to the touch.

Then she went south and was painting my groin area. She was working very hard, her tongue lashing all over my botton, in the areas around my balls, to my buttocks - her tongue circling - a tingling sensation.

She lifted my legs and I was in heaven. She was tongue-fucking my arse and at the same time it would move along the arse-rim and moved to the groin area. It went on for a while and the feeling was inexplicable. And her tongue only slightly carerssing my shaft and the head of my cock.

She pulled me up and I sat up. And I frenched her furiously as my two hands were working hard on her breasts. I lowered my lips to her nipples - the left one then the right one. It was never enough. We frenched again and I pulled her up to be in a standing position as we embraced and frenched again.

And reluctantly I went onto the mattresses again - this time face down. She worked on my back and I really wanted to turn around and frenched and fucked her and yet I let her did what she wanted to do - painted my back with her tongue.

Then I was on all fours and the best part began as she was tongue fucking my arse and at the same time her tongue would reach out and lashed at my engorged cock. It was a great feeling and I wished time would stop. Her sucking was getting more intense and at long last she signalled to me to turn around.

There was not time to be wasted and she took my cock full - working up and down the shaft - puting my cock into her mouth and twirling her tongue round it and then my cock would appear - in all its glory and then it would disappear in her mouth again.

I looked at her and I thought I wanted to shoot into her mouth. But yet again, I cannot resist this desire to fuck her. I pulled her closer to me and frenched her furiously. At the same time she was slipping a condom onto my cock. I pushed her onto the mattress and pounced upon her. I entered her so effortlessly as we frenched like there was no tomorrow.

It wasnt long before a came, collapsing in sheer ectascy onto her.

It was such a good fuck and to me she is the best sex partner I had - much better than all the girls combined.

I took my leave and her shadows was still lingering in the corner. I wondered how it would be if I can fucked her for a whole fucking day.

G. is the sex-goddess to me.

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