I think I think too much  

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7/9/2005 7:48 pm

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I think I think too much

Last night I couldn't sleep I was laying in bed and couldn't stop thinking about my ex-girlfriend she was so obviously wrong for me everyone told me but I couldn't stop thinking of her I got up it was early this morning before dawn I tried to get her off my mind I shot a game of pool and sucked I don't understand women I'm a good man I think and have been told by lots of women that I look good and that I have an engaging personality and yet I attract all the wrong women its torturous I think that a man that is as versital as I would have no problem finding a good woman and yet here I am almost twenty eight years old never married and never in a relationship that the woman didn't end up being a complete psycho in one way or another I know what I'm looking for in a relationship but I haven't found a woman to fit the bill I'm not asking a whole lot lets start with me I'm a writer for those who haven't read the profile I like being romantic I think that an evening of romance isn't that hard as long as you understand what your partner whats and yet it seems to usually go unappreciated I am good at massage I dated a girl who was a massage therapist and as good as that might sound she only taught me to do it so I could massage her I never have had a massage that totally relaxed me but I've had several girls fall asleep while I worked on them moving on I'm a great cook I can make anything a woman could possible want and like doing it my speciality is italian but I can do chineese and american cuisine I bake also tonight I made home made brownies (no box involved) I can work on and maintain cars and the lawn I have an over developed sense of doing the man work around the you know mowing taking out the trash stuff my mother used to have to bitch at my stepfather to do I clean the house alright for a man I like who I am undeniable I have a lot to offer a woman and although this feels like tooting my own horn I think that I deserve a little recognition after all I stay in good shape and I feel like I stay busy I just can't figure out why it never works I don't go around bragging about how great I am (okay maybe this once) but damn why are woman so attracted to men that treat them badly or are just assholes which brings me back to my ex she called me yesterday after not hearing from her in two weeks although it didn't bother her to come over and get laid she tells me that she wants to date her ex-boyfriend that well lets just say he's not a nice guy and that if I was alright with it she would come see me .......no its not alright she comes over for some ass when dumb fuck aint doing it for her but she can't be with me I have never raised a hand to a woman in anger and yet stupid fucks like that seem to have no problem and when I asked her if it was something that I did to make her want to be with him the answer was the same as I always get no your the best guy I've ever been with and yet after hearing the whole its not you thing again I've come to realize that maybe its not me but the fact that I need a woman that appreciates manhood at its finest me and won't sell short a relationship me for any reason because after all money is fleeting looks will eventualy fade jobs come and go and in the end all we are left with are the things really matter love and taxes (sorry about the lack of puncuation I type fast when excited or angry)

sigh but on the lighter side of things..........
the brownies were really really gggggooooooooddddd and moist. If a woman should happen to let herself be pampered by me all other men would pale in comparison. After all a goddess should be treated as such. Maybe the majority of you woman out there haven't expirenced a man like me and don't know how to act when your treated well.

got to go for now but I will return to post more posts comment freely agree disagree just comment help me help myself


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