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9/29/2005 5:05 pm

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Recently separated

My gf and I separated about a week ago for mental health reasons. I suppose you're thinking that we were driving each other insane, and that's true too, but there's more going on than just that, and I need her to be stable if I'm going to live with her.

Meanwhile, I'm losing it for other reasons, not the least of which is the homework load. I have a huge (and hugely difficult) test tomorrow, and I feel very unprepared. Yet I'm working on my astrophysics, as that's the class nearest and dearest to my heart. This is what I hope to do in some form or another someday.

My reason for joining AdultFriendFinder recently is rather strange. I was surfing porn recently, and one link took me here. I'd seen the site before, and so just glanced at it before going back. But before I clicked, I saw a familiar face! DrippinWett4 is someone I've met before, in RL, and we've been out of touch for some time. We flirted a lot while we were in touch, but then she had to go do other things, and I never did get anything but an email that seems to have gone defunct. So, yeah, I'm here mostly just to get back in touch with an old friend, but I'm too poor currently to get the membership to do that with .

Well, my homework is calling me (it's calling me a lazy rat-bastard is what it's calling me), so I must go for now. Hopefully I'll update this one more often than my LJ. Then again, maybe soon there'll be more incentive to do so!


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