who is the one to blame  

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6/2/2006 5:30 am
who is the one to blame

Entering the restaurant I place my hand protectively against the small of your back. With an intimate pressure I lead you to our seats and position you close to my side. Playfully we begin chatting. We are in a secluded dark corner near the back of the room. The time we have is short but we take our time ordering. With a charming smile I incline my head towards you capturing your soft mouth with a gentle kiss. I cannot restrain myself from allowing your lower lip to slip past mine for a brief moment. Pulling myself back I lock my eyes with yours reading the barely hidden desire beginning to burn in them and knowing it is mirrored in my own. The low sound of the waitress clearing her throat catches our attention and she takes our order with a soft yet knowing smile. I turn our attention to a lighter conversation. Anyone watching would notice nothing out of the ordinary. The gentle slant of your eyes captivates me as I slowly caress your leg under the table. Starting from your knee, my delicate touch travels up the inside of your thigh and back again with deliberate and teasing gentleness. I feel your pulse quicken beneath my fingertips and I smile, knowing you are thinking about what is to come later in the evening.
The heat from your body grows stronger as I continue my slight indiscretions by tailing my fingers higher up your thigh to barely brush against the crease of your hip. The ample tablecloth keeps my actions from being viewed by others but you can barely control the flush beginning to fill your cheeks while the intensity of our gaze strengthens. Your full lips curve into a slight smile as I pull one leg closer to mine...giving my hand more access to you. You offer no resistance as I continue to press against you, letting my fingers find you through the thin fabric. The slight moan that escapes from your parted lips goes unnoticed in the fairly busy restaurant as I apply more pressure to you. My excitement, rising at your response, fills me with bravado urging me foreword to the small zipper at the top of your pants. You cast a nervous glance around the room, aroused yet cautious about our surroundings, but still you offer no resistance as I pull down the metal tab with maddening slowness. My fingers find their way between the parted fabric to your soft skin causing your breath to catch and a small bead of perspiration to begin a sensual decent down your temple. Your warm flesh quivers under my deliciously teasing touch. Casually winding my free arm around your shoulders to lay on the back of your seat, I rasp my nails from behind your earlobe down your neck.

You have not forgotten my other hand, which is now easing itself between your warm, moist velvety folds. The honey of your desire quickly coats my fingers sending chills up my spin from the heat of your core as I expertly run my thoroughly coated thumb across the focus of your thoughts. A throaty groan tumbles up from my chest as I watch you struggle to maintain your composure but the subtle movement of your hips as you eagerly press yourself against my hand does not go unnoticed. You are doing so well in your attempt to maintain your half of our continuing conversation and I cannot resist a light pinch to your delicately exposed skin. When I see your eyelids begin to flutter shut I lean close to you, running my tongue along the edge of your ear as I quietly growl to you.

“Look at me, pet.”

Oh gods! How will I keep from taking you right here and now? You open your eyes, blinking rapidly and sipping at your water. As I pull my head away from your ear I can not resist the temptation to allow my lips one taste of your neck, just one though. Your already rapid pulse quickens into a near wild frenzy. In desperation you reach for my lap, wanting…needing to touch me. With a low rumbling chuckle I shake my head no.

“This is your moment, little one.”

The flush running down your shapely neck deepens and for a moment I consider taking you as far as the parking lot outside before releasing the passions building rapidly in myself. I am enjoying this too much to allow it to end that soon however. I can feel your body tense, the soft skin of your belly trembling and tightening, your thighs beginning to press together, your legs trying to stretch out beneath the table. I take a great amount of pleasure at the groan of near pleading that escapes you before you realize what you have done. I don’t want you to peak so soon, that I will save for later when I am able to savor you much better, and I begin to bring you slowly down. The waitress brings our dinner out without a word, only a soft smile and a slight nod before she turns to leave. As she is walking away I look over at you and notice your hands griping the table’s edge so tight your knuckles are white. Your eyes have a hazy glassy look that immediately grips my stomach in a wrenching bout of pure desire for you. I content myself knowing that later I will satisfy my cravings at my own leisure and enjoy every whimpering plea that falls from your lips. Discretely I bring my hand from under the table and use my napkin to wipe my mouth, you are the only one who notices that as I bring the cloth to my face two fingers press between my lips. My thoughts for a moment are filled with nothing more then delving between your parted thighs, but the chicken is getting cold. Taking a large sip of my water I settle in to a nice supper with you. Occasionally my hand strays beneath the tablecloth, and on two more occasions I notice the perspiration bead up on your upper lip as your hands claw as discretely as they can at the table’s edge.

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6/2/2006 6:08 am


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