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6/5/2006 4:56 pm

The hall was a vast and rambling place, with countless rooms and corridors, she had seen little of it and was intrigued, then, to learn that it boasted its own museum.

"Will you show it to me?" she asked, so sweetly that she could not be denied.

"It will be my pleasure," I answered, taking her hand and leading her down to the basement. "It will be quiet down here in the bowels of the building and we can be aware of all the Ages of Man, imagine ourselves to be a part of any of them. I will paint your eyes with kohl from Egypt, perfume your body with oils from the East, drape you with gold from Rome and Byzantium."

"You charm me with your words," she smiled, but then shivered. "And it is also cold down here, as well as quiet. Is there anything that I might borrow to keep warm?"

"Fur capes from the Gothic room, heavy silks from China?" I suggested.

"I adore silk," she purred. "And fur too."

"Then you shall have both," I said, draping her slender body.

"Yes, that's better," she agreed, hugging the garments about her shoulders, then looked around. "So what do you have down here?"

"Artefacts from Rome and Egypt, from Asia and the East," I told her, then led her through a door. "And here, in the Grecian room, something that might delight you."

The lights were off, candles were lit, and all around her she could see statues glowing a ghostly white in the flickering light. With my arm around her waist, I led her forward, towards a life-size satyr. The statue's arms were spread as if to embrace her, he wore a lascivious grin, and between his legs his member was swollen and erect.

"See how perfectly sculpted his cock is," I told her. "You can see every vein in it, see the tiny slit in its bulbous head and almost imagine that it is weeping for you."

She reached out to caress the marble cock, running its finger along its length, the smoothness of it pleasing her.

"Good lord!" she exclaimed.

Stepping closer, she embraced the statue.

"Would you like to fuck him?" I asked.

She took a step back, blushed unexpectedly, but then said, "Yes, I would. But help me. He is so much bigger than me."

"Then if you step towards him, and I with you," I said, resting my hands on her hips to move her forward.

Standing behind her, I embraced her, parted her skirts as I helped her rise and sit on the satyr's cock.

"The marble feels warmer inside you than you expected?" I asked.

She moaned and nodded.

Pressing my body hard against her's, my arms wrapped around her, I helped her to gently rise and fall on the satyr's cock. I kissed her neck, caressed her breasts, pressed from behind to grind her groin against that of the marble satyr.

She, beside herself with pleasure, cried out.

"You like?" I smiled, and my hands climbed up her back as she nodded silently, rested on her shoulders and pressed her down hard on the rigid cock.

A sob escaped her lips.

"When you feel wet it seems as though he is coming inside you," I said, wrapping my arms around her, and around the satyr too, crushing her body between mine and the statue's.

Disarmed and almost delirious, she tightened her cunt on the impassive cock as my buttocks ground against hers, my cock pressing against her, moving her on the marble cock which was buried deep inside her.

Again she cried out.

"Do you shudder with delight?" I wondered. "Then come all over his cock, my love."

"Oh God!"

Her face was buried in the satyr's neck, her breasts were squashed against his chest, her buttocks clenched against my groin. I ran my fingers through her hair, turned her head slightly and kissed her hard on the mouth.

"Fuck him hard my love!" I encouraged her. "Slam your body down on his cock! You can't hurt him! He will never go soft! He won't come before you do and will stay hard long after!"

She looked back over her shoulder, the heat welling inside her, said, "You must move me."

"Then wrap your thighs around the satyr," I instructed. "Lift them from the floor and let your whole weight bear down on him."

As her legs lifted I placed my hands beneath her buttocks and helped her life, then lowered her again, time after time, moving her up and down on the cock.

She sobbed into the satyr's chest, her legs slick, wrapped her arms around his neck and caressed him as she might a lover, moaning as she licked at him.

"Yes, cry as you come," I told her. "Make him wet all over with your tears and your juices. Fuck him as hard as you can, squirm on him, get his cock into every part of your cunt."

"The marble is so unyielding inside!" she marvelled.

"That's it! Love him! Take delight in him!"

My hand rose from her buttock, my other bearing her whole weight, slid up to her breast and held it tight, then rubbed it hard against the satyr's cruel chest, scraping her nipple against the hard marble.

"Will you come on him? Spill all over him?"

"I will!" she said.

"Then do it!" I told her, pressing her cunt down hard, nipping her ear, licking her neck.

"Oh God!" she shrieked. "This is so wrong!"

"Not wrong," I laughed. "Satyrs enjoyed sex, so take your pleasure of him, fuck him until he wakes and fucks you back. Come, and bring the life back to him."

Her head thrown back, she smiled drunkenly into my eyes. "You see how close I am?"

"But still not coming?"

"A little more, just a touch maybe."

My cock was hard from her delirious movements, and now I slipped it between her buttocks, nudged her anus and was excited by it. As she rose and fell on the satyr her arse stroked my cock, she was slick everywhere and it slipped easily between her buttocks. As she fell down on the satyr again so her arse slammed down on my cock, driving it deep inside her.

"Oh fuck!" she cried.

Now she had no need to rise and fall on the satyr, my cock in her arse was lifting her, fucking her from behind as the satyr fucked her in front.

"I'm going to come inside you now," I warned her. "You're so tight I can't hold back."

"Yes!" she screamed, tightening and quivering as I came inside her but continued to drive into her, keeping myself hard, keeping her moving on the satyr until her whole cunt ached.

My cock twitching in her arse, I held her tight, embraced her against the satyr, as if we were both now loving her where both had been fucking her. I told her to empty herself, could feel her juices splashing between her legs and onto my cock.

"Coming?" I smiled.

"No!" she laughed. "Leave me here! I'll stay until I die!"


"Well perhaps not, maybe I'd better get off," she said, her sobs subsiding and her body relaxing.

But now it was I who laughed. Keeping my body pressed against her's, I tugged at the silk of her skirts, ripped lengths from it, laughed louder still as I reached around her and tied her wrists together in an embrace behind the satyr's broad back.

I slipped my cock from her arse as she struggled against her bonds, knelt at the base of the statue to tie her ankles together. Then I came around to smile into her face.

"Now you can stay there until you die, or until you work yourself free. Or-"

"You cunt!" she spat at me, writhing and squirming.

I slapped her arse hard, said, "Are you listening to this, Gothy?"

"I am," she said, her eyes blazing.

"-or, you might just sit there, tethered, until you get excited again. The more you move, trying to work yourself free, the more excited you will become. What an exquisite torture, eh?"

"Mmm," she sighed.

"Then enjoy, my love. I will leave you to it, leave you to enjoy your 2000 year old lover."

"You fucker!"

"Yes!" I laughed as I left. "Fun fun fun!"

And she wriggled, cursed - "I will have my revenge for this!" - then moaned in delight.

She looked sated when she returned to my room, satisfied with the pleasure the satyr had afforded her and still weakened by it. Smiling, with a sleepy sensuality, she stroked the belt against my cheek, then fastened it around my neck, let the end fall free while she tied my hands behind me. Then her smile faded, she took hold of the belt again to pull me roughly to my feet.

"Cunt!" she said, as she dragged me from the room, giving frequent sharp tugs so that I thought I might choke.

"Where are you taking me?" I managed to ask, between gasps for air.

"To visit our friend!" she told me, almost yanking me off my feet. "Now fucking move!"

She was moving at a fast pace now, dragging me along behind her, down staircases and back to the basement of the building.

"Have pity!" I begged, but she ignored my pleas, pulling him into the room where all manner of statues still glowed their ghostly white.

With one hand tugging on the belt, her other in the small of my back to nudge me forward, she led me to the satyr.

"Here is the beast!" she said, backing me into the statue's outstretched arms. "Isn't he magnificent?"

Pressing me against the satyr's chest, she reached around to bind me to the statue with stout cords.

To feel myself bound by her, in whatever manner, to whatever object, made me grow hard. And as she poured oil into her hands, and began to rub them around the statue's huge erect cock, I felt myself grow harder still, imagining her doing the same to me.

"Touch me, Mistress!" I implored her.

She simply laughed, removed her clothes, began to rub her body against the statue, writhing against it so that both she and the satyr became covered in oil.

"I'm so glad that worm is tall," she said, turning to smile at me, then moving behind me.


"On tiptoe now," she encouraged, her hands on my buttocks, persuading me to lift my body. "Up above that lovely marble cock. But not for long."

She poured more oil over the satyr, it began to pool at my feet. She gave me a gentle nudge and for a moment I lost my footing, felt the hard cock press against my anus.

"Oops! Almost!" she laughed, and now began to oil me too, spilling the amber liquid down my chest, over my groin, her hands moving in sensual circles to smear it all over my body.

"You're going to love this," she promised. "So much that you'll scream."

She pushed my feet, making me slide, laughed as I almost impaled myself. Then, gently holding my cock, whispering soothing words into my ear, she forced my buttocks against the unyielding marble.

I tensed, my buttocks clenched, and for a moment she frowned.

"Don't tense, worm, or I'll just force you," she warned, and began to pull steadily on my cock, caressing me until my body relaxed. "Ssh, my pet! Hush, worm!"

My cock throbbed, my buttocks parted, the tip of the satyr's cock pushed against my anus. She draped her arm around my neck, rested it on my shoulder, kissed me deeply.

With a sharp intake of breath, I fought against the marble cock which threatened to force itself inside me.

"Oh fuck it!" she said, kicking my feet to one side, tightening her embrace as she let her full weight fall on my shoulders, driving the cock savagely inside me.

I came as I screamed, my body shuddered as I was impaled, my legs shook and the spunk came squirting uncontrollably.

"Lovely!" she cried, catching handfuls of the spunk and rubbing it over my oiled body.

Then, with a gleam in her eyes, she took the belt from around my neck, dangled it before my face for a moment and then raised it high. She paused, just long enough to appreciate the fear in my eyes.

"Mistress! I love you!" I cried.


Each blow shook me on the cock, worked it deeper inside me, until I was crying for mercy.

"For pity's sake no more!"

"Then beg me, cunt!"

"I beg you, Mistress!"



Slowly she lowered her hand, felt herself moist with pleasure. "There," she said. "It is done."

"Thank you, Mistress," I said, my chest heaving. "I have learned my lesson."

"But have you?" Bittersweet asked, resting her hands on my shoulders, looking deep into my eyes as she pressed me down onto the cock.

"I have!" I said, face contorting as I fought the pain.

"True obedience?"

"Yes Mistress!"

"Then I will untie you," she said, reaching around me to release my bonds. "Slide off gently now, my pet. Be careful."

I hissed with pain as the cock slipped from me, then fell towards her. She held me for a moment, then let me fall to the floor where I lay shivering at her feet.

"Cold?" she asked, standing above me, her legs astride my body.

"Yes Mistress, even though my body burns."

With delighted peals of laughter, she caressed the cock of the satyr one last time and left.

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