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6/5/2006 4:59 pm
selalu berharap untukmu

Cheryl surprised me one day when she asked me how I would feel having a couple she knew join us. I of course said I would be pleased to do so. The couple0, Violet and Randy, were already at Cheryl's home when I first met them about a week later. The first session between the four of us was fairly mild because Violet wanted to know me better. Things got a lot more involved as we got to know each other. Encounters were about every other month or so.

After performing with Violet and Randy a few months under Cheryl's direction, Violet actually called to tell me to show up at Cheryl's home and be prepared to help them with a customer. This was the first time Violet ever called me, it would not be the last. Violet did not have to remind me that I was to be her slave for the evening, but she reminded me anyway. Randy ran a limo service so I was not surprised when he picked me up in a beautiful stretch Lincoln limo. Violet was in the back seat and told me that they were going to pick up a customer who wanted to witness a sex show. The customer would not participate, he just wanted to watch. He was staying at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. Randy drove to the hotel and picked up the customer. He was an elderly gentleman and very well dressed. The three of us sat in the back of the limo, and with this man looking on Violet unzipped my fly and started to suck my cock. The man pulled out his cock and started to play with it. As he watched, Violet and I exchanged places and I started to suck and lick her cunt. She was wearing a very short skirt and no underwear which made this very easy. The man got very excited and said he wanted Randy to participate, so we drove back to the hotel. The three of us went to his room which was actually a suite. A short while later Randy joined us after parking the limo.

The man gave Violet a sheet of paper which I assumed correctly had a number of things he wanted to witness. Violet said that would cost additional $500 which the man quickly paid (I later found out the man paid $1,000 for the evening). He sat down and pulled his cock out again, and opened a bottle of Champaign. The three of us took off our clothes and after Violet looked at the sheet the man gave her, went into the bathroom and came out with a glass. She was very striking and completely nude except she kept on her four inch high heels. Because of her short height she always wore extremely high heels.

She gave the glass to Randy and told him to pee into it. She then gave me the glass to do the same. Finally she peed into it herself and gave the glass to the man to inspect. The glass was filled to the top. Violet then gave me the glass and told me to drink it half way down. After taking a short breath I did as I was told. With the glass now half empty the man came over and filled it up again but this time with Champaign. I was given the glass back and now told to drink it all down. The man looked on with fascination. Violet then looked at me and whispered, "that takes care of the first item, we have five more to go".

It was a long evening and I was grateful I had a buzz from the Champaign. The man (I never was told his name) made himself comfortable drinking his Champaign and slowly playing with himself. While I was waiting for the next "activity" Violet told Randy and I to go into the bedroom and get in a 69 position and wait for further orders. We silently did this and lay down on the bed on our sides and took each other's cocks in our mouths. I could hear Violet talking to the man and after a short while they came into the room. Violet told us to roll over with me on top warning us not to let go of each other's cocks. She joined the fray licking my ass and alternately sticking things into it. We performed all sorts of acts with each other culminating with Randy having intercourse with Violet. Violet was not allowed to cum inside Randy, so I was told to lie on my back between his legs while he pumped away. I was told to lick his balls and be prepared to take his cock into my mouth as he pulled out of Violet just before his orgasm. It was uncomfortable for Randy with me between his legs but he managed. He finally told me to open up as he pulled out of Violet and thrust his cock into my mouth. Violet got up immediately and held his cock in my mouth while stroking it. He kept spurting and Violet told me not to swallow and just keep Randy's cum in my mouth. After five minutes she let Randy pull out and then sucked his cock clean. For some reason I was glad she did it instead of me, even though I had his cum in my mouth so I would not be tasting anything new. I was still lying on my back when Violet told me to open my mouth so the man could see Randy's cum. My mouth was not overflowing but I could hear the man say, with his voice full of excitement, that he liked what he saw, but next time he wanted to see a mouth overflowing with cum. Violet told me to get up and get dressed but not to swallow the cum in my mouth.

The three of us left the suite just after midnight. Violet said I did well and said the man wanted to see us again when he would be back in town. When we got in the limo Violet had me open my mouth to see if the cum was still there. It was with a lot of saliva. When they dropped me off at Cheryl's house to get my car Violet asked Randy if he wanted another orgasm. He said yes because the one he had was not comfortable with me lying between his legs. As I looked on Randy got in the back of the limo and Violet sucked him off. It was amazing to see little Violet take Randy's, with what had to be an eight inch cock fully into her mouth. It only took five minutes and from the expression on Randy's face it must have been a good orgasm. While he was being sucked off Randy was videoing the whole thing. Violet then looked at me and told me to open my mouth. She kissed me transferring Randy's second load into my mouth. She said, "Now you can swallow", then as Randy kept videoing said she was going to send the video to the man to full fill item ten on his list.

Violet told me she was training me for my next session with the man we just left at the hotel. Besides cum drinking she told me that she was going to train me to deep throat Randy's cock. She also said that the next time we got together the man wanted to see someone drink a full glass of cum. I asked Violet how she was going to get that much cum and she told me that she was going to save all of Randy's cum for the next few months as well as saving the cum from her other customers. She told me and that I had better save my cum too and that the man was going to watch the video and save his cum as well. Violet told me that she once saw a video where a woman drank a quart of cum. With a twinkle in her eye she said good night and made me wonder which of the three of us would be made to drink all that cum.

It was almost three months before Violet called to tell me that "her man" was back in town. She told me to have my cum ready and that Randy would be picking me up the following Wednesday at 6:00 pm. That evening was incredible. Violet was planning it for months. It was so extensive that I will need to write it up as a separate story some when I have some more time.

I served Violet and Randy for a bit more than a year. They moved out of town and I never heard from them again. During the short time I knew them we only had five sessions without Cheryl. Two more with the original man and two with a wealthy older woman. The woman was different than the man because she not only wanted to watch, she wanted to participate. She was much more brazen and crude in many respects than the man.

Apparently Randy found these "clients" as his job being a limo driver.

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