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6/5/2006 4:46 pm
rahasia kita

It was early evening and my husband and I were getting ready to go out to a party. He seemed in a particularly playful mood and I was just pulling on my stockings when he grabbed me by the waist and bent me over his knee. I giggled and pretended to struggle as he pulled down my lacy panties, revealing my ass. He started to spank me hard and I began to struggle more. With each slap on my behind, i found myself getting more and more turned on. He stopped for a moment and reached out and picked up my hairbrush. It had a smooth flat back, ideal for spanking and he began to smack me, first one cheek then the other. It hurt a lot more than his hand but I found myself getting wet. He had often spanked me, but tonight seemed different. There was an urgency in his actions that was not usually there. He stopped and felt the wetness of my pussy. Pushing two fingers inside of me, began to stimulate my clit with his thumb.
He placed me back on the bed and took off my stockings. He grabbed my hands and tied my wrists to the metal bed frame, using one of the stockings He then hauled me up by the ankles and fastened them to the bed frame just above my wrists, using the other stocking. He produced a pair of scissors and cut away my skirt and panties. When I went to protest he just put his hand over my mouth and said "Quiet"! With one quick motion he had torn my blouse and bra and used the scissors to cut me out of what remained of my clothes. I was totally taken by surprise by his actions and asked in a state of confusion "What about the party". "To hell with the party" he replied "we are going to have a party of our own right here". We had indulged in some light bondage before, although nothing too extreme and I wondered what he had in mind for tonight. I felt very vulnerable, tied as I was, with my ass, pussy and asshole completely exposed. I was helpless, at his mercy completely. "Oh by the way" he mentioned as if it were of no real consequence "there will be no safe word tonight." I was dumbstruck, we had always had a safe word. Finally I said "What do you mean"? "Exactly what I said dear" he replied "No safe word". "You cannot stop me tonight no matter what you say or do, I am in total control". I gasped, so tonight there were to be no limits. I felt frightened by this but I was extremely aroused by it too.

He ran his hand over my pussy and gave me a smack on the ass. Then he disappeared for a moment. He soon reappeared and came over to the head of the bed. By turning my eyes I could just about make out what he was holding. There was a thick leather belt in his hand and I was nervous. I knew he intended to beat me with it and the thought aroused me. Before he used it on me though, I heard a familiar buzzing and felt a vibe slide into my pussy. It was turned up to maximum and I was nearly driven mad with the exquisite feel of the toy. As I enjoyed the sensations, he began to beat me with the belt. I cried out in pain. This was much more painful than anything he had done to me before, but the pain was interwoven with the delicious feeling of the dildo and each stroke of the belt made me more excited. Just when I thought I could stand no more without cumming, he threw the belt onto the floor and removed the vibe. I could feel my pussy twitching longing for him to put it back. He sat down at the head of the bed and stroked my forehead gently. "Now dear not so fast" he smiled "we have plenty of time". My breathing slowed gradually and he got up from the bed. I heard him go into the bathroom and wondered what he was up to. He returned and climbed on the bed, kneeling close to my ass.

I felt something smooth and silky being rubbed into my pussy and I recognized it as the baby oil we sometimes used when giving each other massages. I gasped as he rubbed the oil gently into my clit, taking his time and ran his hand over my pussy lips. The feeling was so sensual and so gentle and he put more oil on his hands and moved lower, rubbing warm oil into my asshole. I felt relaxed and excited at the same time. Suddenly, I heard the familiar buzzing of the vibe. The touch of the toy on my clit sent me into a frenzy, but no sooner had he touched me with it, he withdrew. Without warning, he slid the oil covered dildo into my asshole and pushed it all the way in. Hearing my cry of surprise, he used my legs for balance and shoved his hard cock into my pussy. I was almost delirious with the exquisite feeling. I could feel the dildo in my ass pushing against his rock hard cock with just a thin membrane to separate them. It felt like his cock was vibrating too. The feeling was unimaginably exciting. I couldn't help it, I felt myself cumming and the waves spread from my pussy all over my body. He was still pounding into me and I felt the excitement building up again. The vibrating dildo in my asshole as well as his cock in my pussy was almost more than I could stand. Then he brought his hand up and touched my clit. I almost exploded. I felt him fucking me faster and faster until I heard him cry out and felt his hot sperm shoot into me. I came at the same time, the orgasm shaking me from head to my toes.

As my breathing subsided, I asked him to untie me and he seemed to consider it for a moment. "I will untie you as long as you promise to do exactly as I say" he said. "Disobey me and I will tie you up again". He undid the knot that held my ankles and I lowered my legs with relief. My hands were still tied to the bed frame and he took his time undoing them. Finally my wrists were free. "Don't you dare try and get away now" he grinned "I haven't finished with you yet.

I rubbed my wrists and lay down wondering what he had in mind. "Stay where you are" he commanded and disappeared into the bathroom. He returned with a towel and a bowl on a tray. I could not make out the other items. He approached the bed and I sat up, curious as to what he was carrying. On closer inspection I could see a razor and a shaving brush, soap and a washcloth. "What are you doing"? I asked. "You will see" was his reply as he placed the tray on the bedside table. Humming to himself he bade me stand up. He spread the towel down on the bed and told me to lie down with my ass on the towel. I did as he told me. He picked up one of the stockings and tied my leg to the corner of the bed. He then did the same with the other leg, leaving me wide open and exposed. He fetched the tray and placed it on the floor at the side of the bed. I felt a warm sensation as the soapy washcloth was rubbed between my legs. He picked up the shaving brush and worked up a lather with the soap, applying it liberally all over my pussy. I realized that he intended shaving me. We had argued this point many times before. I did not care for the shaven look, but he did. This time there was to be no argument, he intended to shave me there and then.

I felt the glide of the razor surprisingly erotic. He was gentle with me and I felt more and more turned on as he shaved me. He was particularly careful shaving the folds of my labia, making sure that not a single hair remained. I felt the washcloth on me again, rinsing away the soap then I felt the towel brought up between my legs, drying me. I then felt the silky smooth touch of the baby oil being massaged into my shaven pussy. He slowly rubbed it in and rolled my clit between his fingers till I felt myself becoming aroused. "Stay there" he said and walked over to the dressing table. He returned with a mirror and told me to sit up and have a look. Although my legs were tied wide apart, I managed to prop myself up in bed enough to see his handiwork. I was totally bare, smooth and exposed. My labia looked like the petals on a full blown rose, pink and inviting. He stroked my clit and fondled my pussy until I was in a state of high arousal. When he inserted two fingers and found my g spot, I was almost driven wild with lust. Before I could cum though he withdrew his hand. Untying my ankles, he freed my legs and I lay back on the bed panting.

"Come" he said and held his hand out. Without protest I followed him as he lead me into the sitting room. "I have been shopping" he grinned and produced a large paper carrier bag from behind the sofa. "Would you like to see what I have bought"? I nodded and looked at the bag with much curiosity. He walked over to me and teasingly opened the bag a little and let me look in. I caught a glimpse of leather, but was unable to see exactly what was in the bag. When I protested that I didn't get a good enough look he said "Well we will just have to show you one by one then". With a flourish he produced a wicked looking paddle. It was made of smooth leather with studs all around the edges. A riding crop appeared in his hands next. By this time, my eyes were wide and staring and I felt more than a little apprehensive. He pulled out a few lengths of strong cord and said "That should do it for now". I was speechless.

Before I could ask him what he was doing, he had secured my wrists behind my back with my elbows bent and was leading me over to the large plush armchair. "Now" he said "bend over the arm of that chair". When I was reluctant to do so he picked me up and draped me unceremoniously over the chair. With my wrists bound, there was very little I could do. I couldn't see what was going on or what he was going to do next. He came over and knelt beside my head. "See what I have for you" he teased. Reluctantly I turned my head so I was facing him. There in front of my eyes was the paddle he had shown me before. I looked at the smooth leather inches away from my face and imagined how it would feel on my ass. I did not have to wait long to find out.

The paddle landed on my left cheek with a savage sting. Then I felt the same sting repeated on my right cheek. I had never felt anything like this before, I thought it was more than I could bear. I had no choice though, I just had to lie there with my bottom offered up for whatever punishment he decided to deliver. He settled into a rhythm of spanks and I cried out every time that paddle landed. At last he stopped paddling me and to my shame I was wet again. I wanted nothing more than him to take me right there, shoving his big hard cock in me. He obviously had something else in mind because he lifted me to my feet.

Guiding my steps, he led me back into the bedroom where he untied my wrists. "Now" he smiled "I want you face down on the bed, arms and legs outstretched. He quickly fastened my wrists and ankles to the four corners of the bed. He then took one of the pillows and slid it under my hips, raising my ass. He thought for a moment, then added another pillow so I was now totally on display. He ran his hand over my newly shaven pussy and I writhed at the sensation. He stroked my clit until I was panting. What was he planning to do to me now? He toyed with me rolling my clit between this finger and thumb until i was almost ready to orgasm. He stopped and walked back into the sitting room and returned with something in his hand. He crouched down by my head and showed me what he had in his hand. It was the riding crop. I couldn't believe he intended using it on me and said so. "Just wait and see" he laughed. "There is nothing you can do about it dear, tied down as you are". I knew of course that he was right. I was exposed and vulnerable. Helpless, with my ass nicely positioned for the use of the crop.

For the first time I felt a thrill of real fear course through me. I realized that he had every intention of whipping me and although I was afraid. I felt my pussy twitching at the thought. The first stroke landed across my buttocks like a line of fire. I screamed out loud. The second stroke was across the back of my thighs, burning like nothing I had ever felt before. The third stroke was on the diagonal, so the lash cut across my pussy. I screamed as I felt the pain and began to cry. This was followed by two more hard lashes across the centre of my ass. By now I was really sobbing and begging him not to whip me any more. He paid no attention to my pleas. This time he aimed the stroke where the thighs meet the bottom and he laid on the whip as hard as he could. I thought I must surely pass out with the pain but remained conscious and aware of my throbbing bottom. My ass felt as if it was on fire. Then I felt his hand again, pushing his fingers into my pussy. Despite the whipping I had taken, I was dripping wet. How could I be aroused after a beating like that?

Nevertheless, aroused I was when he started to massage my clit with his thumb I began to writhe with lust. I felt his weight on the bed and felt him position himself between my outstretched legs. He continued rubbing my clit gently with his thumb. By now I was almost screaming with desire. I felt his hands soothing my sore behind, then felt his hard cock pushing at the entrance of my pussy. With one stroke, he slid into my hot cunt and i nearly exploded. I felt him withdraw his cock slowly and tried vainly to push back onto it. I couldn't stand it. "Fuck me hard" I cried "please". I felt him pushing his hard shaft back into me and cried out "Yes, yes". He began to pound me hard. He had never felt so big or hard before. I felt myself being stretched. His strokes became faster and faster and I could feel myself building up towards orgasm. With one loud cry, he shot his hot sperm deep in me. I could hold out no longer and came harder than I ever have before.

He left me lying there for a while totally spent. I heard him moving about it the kitchen and wondered if he had any more surprises for this evening. I heard him return and he came and gently untied me from my bonds. "Turn over and sit up" he said with a laugh in his voice. I gingerly turned over and propped myself up against the bed frame with pillows. There on the bed was a silver tray, an ice bucket with a bottle of champagne in it, two glasses and a bowl of strawberries. I smiled at him as he opened the bottle and poured me a glass. "Well" he said with a big grin "we seem to have missed the party". "Nevermind, this was much more fun" he laughed and taking a glass of champagne from him I had to agree.

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