over by hightways where traffic was the only sound  

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6/2/2006 5:23 am
over by hightways where traffic was the only sound

As I wake up in the morning, cotton mouthed and achy, I realize that the hangover I expected is much more severe than I anticipated. Groaning, I roll over, only to find your not there. Puzzled, recalling our intense and slightly frenzied lovemaking the night before, I wonder where you had gotten to.

I slide out of bed on shaky legs, see my torn and crumpled clothing on the floor, and smile. You were so upset when I got home last night, from an evening out with the girls. I listened with sadness as you told me how worried you were, cried a little when I realized how stupid it was to drive in my condition, and then we went to the bedroom. Your embrace had been passionate, the hurried removal of our clothing the cause of such disarray on my floor. I felt all had been forgotten and forgiven, but as I stumbled to the bathroom to brush my teeth, I recalled the last thing you said to me before I fell asleep. "You worried me terribly tonight. In the morning, we will discuss your punishment."

Shrugging my shoulders, I think 'cant punish me if your not here' and proceed to get ready for the day. I run the shower, and brush my long blonde hair of the tangles we created last night. Stepping in to the hot water, I begin to wash my body, touching the sore and tender nipples you love to chew and twist, lathering my slippery pussy, feeling how slick it becomes with soap. I cant stop thinking of you, and begin to finger my clit, pinching and pulling at my hard little nub as I imagine your lips there. The hot water runs over my head and back, the steam is a cloud around me, and I cum quickly moaning your name softly.

I finish my shower, and dry off with the big pink towels I have laid out, and begin the pampering process of lotion and powder, all the feminine things I love to do to be clean and sweet for you when you come to me again. As I begin to dry my hair, I think I hear the front door slam and turn off the dryer. "Hello? Honey? Is that you?" but no response. I figure its the neighbors, and turn on the dryer again.

When I am done, I am completely naked, very clean, and my hair is long and shiny. Knowing I will see you shortly, I add some perfume and makeup, Lipstick of a darker color to accentuate my full lips, and grin at myself. My hangover is about gone, and I have completely forgotten your statement the night before.

You can hear me in the bathroom, singing to the radio as I get ready for the day. You have everything prepared, and are determined to make sure I do not worry you again. As the door clicks open your ready to make your move. Quickly stepping behind my naked body, you wrap your hands around my waist and arms, and press your body close behind me. Your hand you bring up, clamping over my mouth. 'Did you forget pet? You have been bad." So saying, you push lightly on my shoulders, and I drop to my knees, awaiting in fear and anticipation your discipline. I put my hands behind my back as trained, thrust out my chest and straighten to a proper posture, legs spread wide, head down, chest out. You pace behind me, quiet. "Little one, you have disappointed me. I expect you to take care of all of my property, ALL of it, and you belong to me. Last night you did a terrible thing. Tell me what you did"

"Master, I drank too much alcohol"


"and I drove your vehicle while intoxicated, but I did it to be home with you!'

I feel a fast, hard slap to my buttocks, and rock forward before regaining my balance. You have your large leather paddle in hand, the one that hurts so much, and I know I am in for a real hard discipline. The blows continue to fall, rhythmically striking my ass, hard thrusts that make it difficult to balance on my knees.

"Do not talk back to me!. As we both understand what you did, and you cannot seem to realize the pain you put me through with your disrespect, I feel like a severe punishment is necessary. Do you realize what that entails?"

I hang my head, and feel the tears rise in my eyes. Yes, I do know what that means. I take a deep breath and answer "Yes Master, punish me as you see fit. I have risked damage to your property, and disappointed you. Please punish me Sir.'

You strike me harder, a few stinging solid spanks, then stop. "I will, darling. I will punish you severely, and you will come to understand who owns you. You will not forget again."

So saying, you tap me gently on the shoulder, my signal to get up, and I follow you to the closet. You pick out the tallest of my short ankle boots, the ones that pinch slightly and make my calves ache with the strain. You have already laid out the silky black stockings, and you pull out the long corset we use when you prefer to do more strict bondage. I slip on the stockings and shoes, and stand very still for you as you slip the corset around me, sliding the black satin and boning up my hips and thighs, bringing my arms through the armholes, and tucking my large breasts carefully into the stiff demi-cups that lift me, but leave my nipples and the majority of my breasts exposed.I raise my hands dutifully, and you begin to lace me in, tighter and tighter, adjusting the fittings until my breath comes out a short pant, and my whole figure is taller and stiffly erect. This simple act, of being bound into my corset, has a profound effect on me - I become still and pliant, awaiting your control and command. When my corset is completely fitted to me, you adjust the shoulder straps, bringing my shoulders back even further, thrusting my breasts out and over the cups, and you bring my hands again to rest at the small of my back. I hang my head, and watch you as you connect the straps of the garters to the tops of my stockings, and adjust the bottom of the corset so it frames my ass and leaves my cleanly shaven pussy exposed to you. You lead me, tottering a little in my high boots, to the top of the stairs and slowly guide me down to your dungeon. Your domain, where you are My lord and Master and I am completely your slave, in mind body and soul. I remember all the times you have claimed me, all the times you have heard me speak my submission to you - how many times I have proclaimed I am your possession, and begin to realize what I did - how badly I betrayed my commitment to you, by risking such damage to your property - to myself.

Inside your dungeon, the room glows with the lights of all the candles you have arranged around, gleaming softly on the leather and steel toys you have artfully displayed. All the implements of pain and pleasure, some familiar some frighteningly strange. To me, its all beautiful.

You bring me to the center, where you have eyebolts in the floor, and spread my legs wide to parallel the bolts. I am ordered to stand straight, and you slip the ankle cuffs over my legs, and bolt me by the short chains to the floor. You then cross my arms behind me, hands to elbow, and wrap the arm binders around them as well. My hands are now completely encased, along with my arms up to the elbow, and you clip the single clip centered to the bottom ring in my corset. The effect is staggering. With my arms behind me, I have no choice but to thrust my already full breasts even further out, and with my legs spread, the only balance I have is to arch my back and push my ass out even further. I look to my left, and see in the mirrors you have that my position is completely wanton, and my white flesh almost glows in the candlelight.

You come to my face, looking deeply into my eyes, and express once more your disappointment. 'Are you ready for your punishment?" and I nod yes. I am beyond speech at this moment, my breath comes in such short pants. You bring from behind your back the ball gag, the one I despise, and bring it close to my face. For the first time in the whole day, I resist you. The look on your face when you see me turn my head is enough to break my heart. No words are spoken, but with an inward breaking, I lift my chin for you, lick my lips, and open my mouth wide to accept this thing you require of me. It slips in easily, and I bite down into the soft rubber ball. You slip the straps over my chin and cheeks, and buckle it behind my head, adjusting my hair to keep it from pulling. I hear you behind me, and feel my arms lifted, which in turn tugs my behind further out. You clip the long chain from the ceiling to my arms for support, and bend me over as far as the corset will allow. Now my breasts almost swing free of the cups they are supported by, and the cool air hardens my nipples. Your hand move freely over my body, touching me through the sheerness of the stockings, slipping under the garter straps and snapping them back with small stinging slaps. You gather my hair, and drop it over one shoulder, leaving the rest of me completely without its cover. I can feel the ache in my calves, the beginning of aches in my arms, and know this punishment will be severe if you continue to leave me to support myself in this manner.

I feel my tongue continue to lap at the ball in my mouth, and it annoys me. I hate this thing! But I cannot stop, my tongue lapping and licking, my teeth gripping and clamping down. I ache to spit it out, and knowing I cant frustrates me. I realize your watching me, watching me struggle for balance, and for control, and moan softly, looking at you, hoping you will understand my need for more support. "My pet, you look uncomfortable. Would you like some help?" I nod at you, pleading with my eyes for more support something to take the ache out of my arms and calves. You bring around a tall stool, padded on top, and lean me over so my stomach rests on the top, but my breasts swing even more free. You do not remove the chains from my arms and legs, and they stretch in opposite directions, calves burning more, arms now flexed up behind, aching at the shoulder. I moan low, aching for you to see how I am suffering for you, but you simply smile at me, pat my ass, and bring around a strap to bind my belly to the stool. I feel completely exposed, my ass is thrust up so high, my head and breast hang so low, and everything is so tightly bound, I cannot move. You have never been so cruel in your bondage, never had me so strained, and I struggle a little against the straps and chains, trying to free myself, and can only feel my hips lift a little, my breast begin to swing in rhythm to my struggles. Crying softly, I hang my head low.

"oh, that's what I forgot', you exclaim, and come close to me with something very stiff and black. You lift my hair again, and slip an extremely tall collar around my neck. it lifts my chin, so I am forced to look straight ahead at you, and at the image of myself bound at your mercy in the mirror ahead. I grimace at the red ball separating my lips, and cry softly when I hear the click of the lock on my posture collar.

You begin to bind my breasts, in tighter and tighter loops of leather, making the nipples bulge and ache with the trapped blood. You leave a small amount of nipple and aureola exposed, and lower your handsome face to lick softly at the bulging flesh. I shiver and my body yearns toward you, wishing to feel you closer.

You bring closer the vicious nipple clamps and slowly close one clip over my bulging and achingly tender nipple. As it closes, I squeal in pain, breathing with difficulty through the ache. You wait until I settle down, then bring the chain up to my mouth. What? I dont... then I realize your clipping the chain to the ring in my chinstrap. As I chew on the gag, and twist my head, it tug's mercilessly on my poor trapped nipple. You bring the chain down, and the clip to my other nipple and I see you watch my face intently. As you slowly close the vicious teeth over the tender flesh, I cannot help but scream and twist my head. This in turn tug's more frantically at my sore nipples and causes another shudder of pain and pleasure to race through me. You smile at me softly, and as I calm down and begin to adjust, you lean close and lick my lips around the gag in my mouth. Tenderly kissing me, over and around my gag. I lap softly at the ball, so aching for your mouth and to feel your tender kiss with my lips. And then you walk behind me, leaving me to stare at my tortured image. Your hands slide over my ass, up and down over my legs. I can hear you, talking to me, speaking of how you want to take me, how you own me, how much I belong to you. I moan in agreement, and push back as best I can with my ass, hoping you will stop now and take me, because I am very aroused and so in need of my Masters cock. With every little dirty word, every time I hear you call me your toy, your slut your baby girl, I can feel the juices run down over my thighs. You excite me beyond words just by your presence.

I hear you get into a drawer, and know that means you will be bringing in some toys. In wonderment, I feel you touch me softly, slipping your fingers into my slick juices, and begin to touch me tenderly. Slowly, you slide your fingers inside, one after another, until you can easily fit 3 inside me. I am feeling so full, aching for you and can feel my cunt clench around your digits. Instead, you withdraw then, and I feel cold plastic replace them. The vibrator you slip in is large, and long and fits deeply into my exposed pussy. You slam it into me, over and over a few times, and order me to fuck it back. I attempt, but am unable to move. 'Poor baby - cant get what you want can you?' I sob slowly, aching inside for the orgasm you know I crave, aching to please you and give you what you desire. You slip the toy in, and return with another. Holding me still, you careful begin to intrude on my ass, sliding what feels like a very large plug into my rectum. I wiggle, struggle, hoping you will not force both such large things into my body - but you are persistent, and you do. I cant begin to tell you how full I feel, so plugged on all ends, so full at your hands, so completely at your mercy. The indignity continues, and you reach below me, and clip slowly a clamp to my hard and extended clit. I see fireworks, complete blackness for a moment as my whole body screams and cries out in pain and pleasure. You hold me still, watch me write in my bondage, and lean close to me. I hear you whisper in my ear. "You will cum, weather you want to or not' and feel the vibrator in my cunt begin to hummm.

I no longer am anything but an animal. I am so completely aware of my body, so completely aware of your ownership and your dominance I know I am yours, and you will do to me as you please.

Strapping a leather thong to the front of my corset, you string it through my legs, and pull it tight over the toys torturing my pussy. You clip it to the corset, the same ring you have my hands clipped to. With every struggle of my hands, it pulls the strap tight over my tortured clit. With every wiggle I internally fuck the huge toys you have impaled me with. The low buzzing of the vibrator is just enough to make me crazy, not enough to set me over the top. I am completely at your mercy.

You come to me, and kneel down so you are face to face with me. "You are mine. I will do with you as I please, and you will respect my authority and be careful with my property." Knowing it will hurt, I still nod, tearing at my tortured nipples with my agreement of ownership.

"Now it is time for your punishment" you say.

Punishment? Isn't that what this is I think. But you continue.

"I want you to stay here, to think of all the pleasure you have had at my hands, to think of what it means to be owned by me, and to think of what it means to be without me. I know how you do not like to be alone. I know you do not like to suffer without an audience. But, you left me to suffer without you last night, left me to ache and worry for you. I will leave you here until I am sure you understand what it means to be mine.'

And with those astonishing words you slip a blindfold over my eyes, and whisper "if you cum, you do so alone. Without me to observe, without me to enjoy your suffering, without me. Think of what it means to be without me and know how I felt to think of being without you". You reach to me and turn the vibrator up to full. I hear you dimly walk to the door, and leave me alone in my suffering.

When you return, I am a sopping mess of sweat and cum, tears have streaked my cheeks and I no longer can control the drool that has dripped from my lips. In the candle light you can see the glisten of my cum streaking down my legs, the shine of sweat on my limp body. You smile, knowing as I do not how long I struggled, knowing as I do not, that I was never truly alone, that behind that mirror is a room for you to watch me, to watch your toy struggle. You watched, and knew when I orgasmed despite my desire not to. You watched, and enjoyed my continued fight, to not cum again, each time it overwhelmed me hearing the moans and cries leaking out from behind my gag. You almost relented when you noticed that I ws trying to say your name, almost relented when the cries became heartbreakingly sad, lonely in there with mybelief that I suffered unobserved, and my belief I was nothing but an animal, alone in my belief that I wanted none of this without you there. But even as you watched, I came again and again, crying out to you with my tortured mouth, sobbing inside low and quiet as I spasmed without your love to support me. I was weak and limp from my struggle, soft and compliant, vibrating with my continued unwanted pleasure and suffering. As I heard you, you watched me come alive. The whole of my bodylanguage changed. No longer did I silently struggle to avoid the pleasure, but knowing you were there to observe I welcomed it. Arching my limp and tired body, I thrust my ass further into the air, tried hard to wiggle my body in a seductive manner, attempted to draw your attention to me. Because without you, none of this mattered. Without you, it is simply spasms. I hear you walk to the wall, and remove your long thin belt. Without a word you begin to whip me with it, laying long stripes of pain from my calves to my ass, over and over, pain so intense and pleasure from your presence so intoxicating, I moan deep and low in my throat, almost a growl of pleasure. I am yours! I am here for you to use.

Time passes in a whirl, as the orgasm roll unchecked through me, no longer aware of when the pain stops and the pleasure begins. At long last you stop, and I feel your fingers at my Ass. You remove the plug, and drop it to the floor. I know what you want, and begin to thurst my slut ass back toward you, aching for your cock. You grab my ass cheeks, and slide the head of your cock into my hot tunnel. You can feel the muscels clench arround you, and the vibration of the toy inside my pussy through the thin membrane between increases your pleasure. Your cock slides deep within with a hard thrust, and you begin to fuck me hard, mercilessly pounding my aching hole faster and faster, slapping my hot and wounded ass cheeks, using me as the toy I am for your pleasure. I feel your cock tense up, feel you begin the slower, harder thrusts that mean you are about to cum, and you shout out 'cum with me my slut, cum with me now!' and as you flood my ass with your juices, I orgasm hard, screaming in delerium from the pleasure you have given me, babbling behind my gag crys of complete joy.

Slowly, you remove your now flaccid cock from my ass, reach arround my head to remove my gag and allow me to speak for the first time. You say'who do you belong to?'

"you Master' I say.

"what do you say to me'

"I am sorry and I love you and will never disrespect you again Master'

You begin to unchain me then, whispering words of love and encouragement to my aching body. When you finally have me completely unbound, you hold my shaking and limp body close to you on the dungeon floor, hugging me while I cry softly to you, loving you for what you give me, then slowly carry me upstairs to the warm bath you have drawn. Together, we bathe and relax, and go to bed for a long loving nap, snuggled in each others arms.

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