if you're through with me  

asianwhitemate 54M/47F
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6/4/2006 5:32 pm
if you're through with me

Laying beside You in bed watching TV, i turn over and ask if i may suck Your cock. You give me permission after kissing me deeply, so i slide down your body, my lips leaving a trail from your neck to the head of your cock. Slowly i take your cock into my mouth, my tongue and lips sucking at the head, my mouth wet and warm. Inch by inch i take Your cock deeper into my mouth, knowing how much You love that, trying to please you. Feeling You harden against my tongue, Your cock throbbing against my lips. After awhile i hear You tell me to roll on my stomach. i feel the rope around my wrists as You bind them together, and trap them behind my back. i feel Your fingers trail over the small of my back, Your fingertips brushing against my ass, rubbing the hole with lube. You slide a small plug into my ass, then move Your fingers down to my pussy, sliding two fingers in and out, Your pinky sliding against my clit. i hear You whisper, "lay on your side slut". You kneel at the side of the bed, Your fingers reaching for my hard nipples, pinching them lightly, then leaning forward to take them into Your mouth. i feel your teeth sink into them making me moan in pain and pleasure. When You've worked both of them you attach clothespins to each one. You whisper, "spread your legs slut", and slide a finger into my pussy as Your other hand pulls the clothespins lightly and flicks them. You hear my moans deepen and feel my pussy get wetter and wetter around Your fingers, getting close to cumming. You stop and withdraw Your fingers, and kneel in front of my head. You grab the hair at the base of my neck, Your other hand clamping around my breast causing more pressure against the clamped nipple. You shove Your cock deep into my mouth, fucking it for a few minutes, then release me and step back. "Roll back on your knees whore" as i watch You get on the bed behind me, out of my vision. i feel the plug being slid in and out of me and one of your fingers on my clit, fucking me slowly with the plug, bringing me closer and closer to orgasm. i hear you whisper, "cum when I tell you slut, your pussy needs to be nice and wet for this". my heart jumps, wondering what you have planned for me. Suddenly i hear You command me to cum, my pussy reacting, floods Your finger with wetness, as i scream with the release You have given me. i become aware after a few minutes that You have slid three fingers into me, fucking my pussy hard with them. I feel You slide Your pinky in slightly spreading Your hand to open me up more. Realizing You are going to fist me in that position, i try spreading my knees so Your fist will go in easier. As soon as i move i feel Your hand smack my ass hard. "Did i tell you you could move slut?" "No Master", i whimper. Again i feel Your hand smack my ass hard. "Get back where you were whore, and don't move"! Abruptly you shove all four fingers back inside of me, fucking me harder then before, making my clothespinned nipples scrape against the bed over and over. i know how much You enjoy hearing me whimper with that kind of pain. i feel Your fingers stop in my pussy as You shove Your thumb inside of me, stretching me. Suddenly You push your whole fist deep into my pussy, loving the way my moans crack with the wonderful pain of being stretched by my Master's hand. You fist me hard, giving me no chance to adjust to Your hand. Your other hand reaches around releasing on my nipples from the clothespin, sending new waves of pleasure and pain through me. After what feels like an eternity in my haze of pleasure and pain You withdraw your fist, and then withdraw the anal plug. Grabbing my hips You thrust Your cock deep into my ass. Riding it hard and fast, your hands using the bindings on my wrist for leverage. Harder and faster You pump into me, until i feel Your cock explode deep inside of me. You slow Your pace as Your cock empties in my ass, reaching around you unclamp the other clothespin, causing a small scream from me. Your fingers lightly pinch my swollen nipple causing more pain. But i hear those lovely words, "cum slut" and my body body contracts with the largest orgasm of the night. i am moaning at the pleasure of cumming, while whimpering from the pain in my nipple. You pull out as i collapse on my side. Your hands lovingly unbinding my wrists, and rubbing my shoulders. After a minute You pull me into Your arms. Holding me close, kissing my mouth. "I love you Master, thank you." You kiss my forhead and reply, "I love you slut, and you are welcome".

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