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6/4/2006 5:44 pm
i made a wish upon a star

He knew he was in trouble when he opened the door and there sat a shiny black chair. Mistress never tied him to a chair before. A closer look revealed a large butt plug sitting on the chair. Hmmmmm...he thought this might be fun after all. Boy was he wrong. Slave Andrew approached the chair and studied it carefully. He loved using an assortment of toys in his ass this new one seemed irresistible. He moved in front of the seat and lowered himself gingerly until he could feel the cold hard plastic touching his skin. Then, he maneuvered himself around until he felt it touch his sensitive dark opening. An involuntary sigh escaped his lips. It felt so firm, and strong and he had to have it in him. He slowly sank down until it entered him. As the black faux phallus eased inside deeper and deeper, he could sense his excitement rising. God, this felt good. Finally, when he felt the back of his thighs and his cheeks touch the cold wood of the seat, he could tell it was firmly embedded in him.

He slowly began to grind himself around and up and down on the plug, enjoying the feeling of being fucked this way. He had total control of the penetration and exactly how far in it went. He was soon lost in ecstasy, riding the chair shamelessly, and his cock was now waving in front of him at attention. Just as he began to run his fingers up and down his cock, enjoying the sensations, the door opened and in stepped Mistress. He froze in horror, realizing he had just violated several of her rules. As she saw him there on the chair and her mind processed what he was doing, a severe look came over her face. She was not pleased at all, he could tell. He started to rise to apologize and explain. "Stay right where you are slut!" Mistress barked at him. "I sent you in to the room to think about your problem with always questioning me, not to play with yourself, and when I come in, this is how I find you. Obviously, I need to teach you a little more about the meaning of penance and punishment for disobedience." He could see she was serious and this did not look good for him.

"Since you like my new chair so much, I am going to give you the chance to see just how wonderful it truly is." As she said this, Mistress began to secure slave Andrew's ankles to the legs of the chair. He hadn't noticed the hooks discreetly mounted there and under the arms. Once his ankles were secure, she fastened his wrists and upper arms snugly to the chair arms and back. She could see fear sweeping across his face and an evil smile crossed her lips. She was a sadist at heart and truly loved knowing he was scared. She circled behind the chair and slave Andrew could hear her fastening something to the back of the chair. Suddenly, a leather hood covered his face. He would not have the opportunity to see anything from then on during his ordeal. This always made it much more intense, because his other senses were heightened. Once the hood was secured in place, Mistress finished preparing something behind the chair. He could not make out what it was, or what she was doing. His mind was in over drive now, with panic.

Unbeknownst to Andrew, this chair was special. The butt plug mounted in the middle of the seat was hollow in the center and below the seat; it was attached to an enema apparatus. This was not going to be a simple spanking session. Since he seemed to have all this doubt and jealousy running around inside him, Mistress was going to wash it all way, so to speak. She grinned at that thought. This chair was equipped especially to Mistress's specifications with a hose attached through fittings to the plug from underneath the chair. It could be connected to an enema bag or directly to a water tap, so she could fill him in any way she wished. Also the plug itself was a special design. It had another tube protruding from under it, which led to a squeeze bulb. When Mistress squeezes the bulb, the plug would inflate a little at a time. She could make it a very uncomfortable three and a half inches in diameter if she wanted.

Just the thought of what was to come made her nipples stiffen and she felt herself dampen in her black silk thong panties. "Yes, this was going to be fun", she thought to herself. "So, you want to play with your pitiful little cock instead of reflecting on your jealousy problem like I directed you, do you? Perhaps I can help you focus your mind a little better. First, you are my slave, which means you are to do whatever pleases me, whenever I direct it. You are not to question me about what I do or where I go. I am the one who makes all the decisions here, not you. And, I do not need permission from you to do as I feel. You will accept the things I say and do without question or hesitation. You will trust that I have your best interests at heart and will not harm you. I think that should be abundantly clear already, but obviously, we need to do something to make that sit firmer in your mind. So, we are going to do a little cleansing of the mind and body now. You really should have paid closer attention to the chair before you sat on it and started enjoying yourself."

His cock had wilted from fear and was shriveled, barely peeking out. He knew he was about to endure something that didn't appear to be very pleasant at all. Mistress had filled the enema bag with warm soapy water and attached it to the back of the chair. She lifted the hose and grasped the twist valve, smiling as she turned it slowly to release the flow of water into the plug and her slave. Slave Andrew felt the water flowing into him slowly and steadily and knew what she had in mind. "Oh god, he thought, I hope she doesn't put a lot in. She knows I cannot hold very much water." Little did he know, Mistress was intent on pushing his limits much further today. He stiffened as the water started filling his body. "If I were you, I would relax as much as possible. You have a long way to go and it will be much worse if you are tense." As she said this, Mistress pumped the squeeze bulb three times and Andrew felt the plug grow inside him. "You see slave, you have no choice but to take all I want to give you now. The plug can grow quite a bit more and it will keep you from releasing anything inside you." Just as he felt he could not take another drop, Mistress closed the valve, stopping the flow. His mind was blurring with so many thoughts and processing so many sensations. He knew he must have slowly opened the valve again and as she did, an evil thought crossed her mind. "Slave, have you used the bathroom this morning at all?" He shook his head no. That cruel grin crossed her lips again and she knew what she wanted to do now. She went to the cabinet and retrieved one of the catheter sets theretaken at least three quarters of the bag and there couldn't be that much more left. He could make it through this he thought. Concentrating on relaxing his body, he breathed deeply and thought of how he had gotten himself in this predicament. In reality, he had only taken a little over 8 ounces of fluid and the bag held two quarts. He had no idea how much he was going to "grow" today.

"How are you feeling now slave", Mistress asked. "Are you getting full?" He nodded his head yes. "When I speak to you I expect and answer, but since you don't seem to want to speak at the moment, perhaps we should just see to it that you can't." With that, Mistress retrieved her favorite implement. It was a black rubber cock shaped gag with a hole in the middle for breathing or for introducing liquids. "Open your mouth slut!" she ordered. He obediently opened his mouth and she placed the gag inside, fastening the straps around his head securely. "There, now isn't that much better?" It was a rhetorical question; she didn't really care if it was better for him at the moment. Andrew had relaxed somewhat and adjusted to the liquid filling him. Seeing this, Mistress knew he was ready for more. She . "This should make a nice addition" she thought to herself. She again turned off the flow of the enema, seeing he had taken an additional eight ounces. He was squirming somewhat and felt the beginnings of small cramps. She delighted in his discomfort. "How dare he even think to question what I do or my faithfulness with him" she thought.

"Well, you are not going to be going anywhere soon, so I guess I need to make sure you don't wet yourself don't I slut?" He was unsure what that meant, but learned all to soon. She opened the package and then using the alcohol swab, lifted his shrunken penis and cleaned the head and around the opening. Then she withdrew the catheter from it's package and placed it at the entrance to his penis. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do slave; it is going to be a wonderful new experience for you." With that, she began to feed the tube into his urethra slowly. He could feel the invasion and panic was setting in his mind. He knew what a catheter was, but did not know how it would feel. Just before the tube contacted the bladder's sphincter, Mistress placed the other end of the tube into the hole in his penis gag. This was truly a new level of evil even for her. He had no idea what she was up to, but felt a need to release the water inside him. Seeing him squirm, she squeezed the bulb attached to the butt plug again, inflating it further and further. He could not expel anything if he wanted now. It was almost to its full size inside him now. Mistress returned to the catheter and she continued the inward pressure until it penetrated into the bladder. Then, she slowly inflated the balloon on the tip of the tube, to insure it stayed in place. As she did, she saw the tube fill partially with the warm golden liquid from his bladder.

"Now, if you get thirsty during your punishment, you may just suck on your gag. I have provided a source of liquid to quench your thirst." Wishing to distract his mind from his ordeal, he decided to sip from the water she had connected. Quickly the piss traveled the length of the tube into his mouth. He gagged and sputtered, tasting not the cool water he expected, but the warm salty piss from his own bladder. "Bitch, you better not spill a drop or I will beat you worse than you have ever even dreamed of" she screamed at him. His swallowing action was creating a virtual siphoning action through the catheter tube. He could not stop the flow coming into his mouth and had no choice but to continue swallowing until it eventually ebbed and the flow stopped. Mistress began running her fingers lightly over his distended abdomen. "Poor baby feels nice and full. Your tummy is getting firm. But, trust me, you have a lot more room inside yet.

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