i could see pictures of you  

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6/4/2006 5:18 pm
i could see pictures of you

Lucky, the red headed biker, looked down at the naked man who was kneeling at her feet.

“Do you think you’re worthy enough to be in my sight slave?”

“No Mistress, I am not worthy,” the dark haired, wide-eyed account executive replied submissively.

“Right answer scumbag,” she sneered.

It was all the apprehensive thirty-something man could muster to keep his eyes off her voluptuous lithe body. Her breasts were bursting the seams of the low leather blouse she was wearing. The short leather skirt showed off her shapely, muscular thighs and legs quite well. What a sight she was to behold.

And it showed.

Looking down in her Mae West imitation, she mouthed slowly. “Glad to see me?”

His face reddened at her obvious meaning. “Yes Mistress.”

“Well I’d like to know who the fuck gave you permission to get a hard-on?!”

Her question stung. The answer was obvious, yet he didn’t want to say it. He stammered, “Noone Mistress,” in a low voice.

“Spread those thighs!” She commanded. When he obeyed she lifted her booted foot and grazed it against his rock hard cock. “Did you think you were going to fuck me slave?” She needled.

Once again, he didn’t know exactly how not to offend this woman. “Well um...”

“Come on slave, tell me...you wanted to fuck me, isn’t that right?” She persisted as she began kicking his manhood gently.

“Yes Ma’am!” He blurted tersely.

“I think you’ve got a lot of fucking nerve, little man!” She spat as she kicked him harder.

He cringed.

“I think you need to be punished for that slave.”

He remained silent as she glared down at him. She ordered him to bend all the way over so that his forehead touched the floor. The leather strap hit his naked buttocks with a thwap!...He yelped from the sudden sting. Then another one followed...Another yelp! On and on the 5'9", biker babe snapped the solid piece of leather onto his raised bottom. She kept it up until his entire backside was sufficiently tenderized.

Then she ordered him back up to his knees.

She looked down. “What happened to this,” she said sarcastically as she tapped his limp manhood with her boot?

He had no answer.

“Well you certainly can’t fuck me with this sorry thing!” She mocked as she kicked him hard, causing him to double over slightly. Then she grabbed a lock of his hair and jerked his head up. “However, I do have something you can do, scumbag!”

She glared into his face. She spread her legs, held on firmly to his hair, and hiked her leather mini skirt to her crotch. “You may take my panties off,” she declared.

When he started to raise his arms she said,” With your teeth!”

Looking at her strangely he hesitated. He wasn’t sure how to proceed.

“Come on slave, get to it!...And I better not feel your fucking teeth on my skin!”

Without another word the account executive neared his face to her panties. Clutching the waistband carefully with his teeth, he slowly eased the flimsy garment down in the front, then one side, then the back and the other side, careful not to make contact with her flawless skin as he worked the garment down until it fell to her ankles. Kicking them off, the red headed Lucky complemented him, “ Good job slave.”

He watched her attentively as she sat in a bedroom chair.

“Now come over here and exercise your tongue slave,” she said, spreading her pelvis. Scooting across the floor in what might have been record time, he did just that.

“Oh yes!” She shrieked as he soon brought her to a thunderous orgasm.

When she had finally regained her breathing, she told him he was a good slave, but she had to get some sleep and that he could let himself out.

“Yes Mistress,” he responded. “ May I see you again?”

“Call me next week.”

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