The 3 traumas of a night out!  

armybabe_melissa 32F
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3/16/2006 12:18 pm
The 3 traumas of a night out!

The 3 traumas of a night out!

What to wear?
The decision of what to wear. No matter how long i've been thinking about which outfit to put on, i always seem to end up an hour before i'm due to leave with every outfit that i own strewn all over the bedroom floor! The skirt or dress length always seems to be determined by how many vodkas i've knocked back before dressing! The more vodka's, the more daring the dress length! If i haven't managed any booze at all by this point then i would normally end up wearing trousers! The shoes are yet another problematic decision to make. Should i be able to walk in them with ease or, should i go for the uncomfortable but extremly sexy high heels that come with an almost certain guarantee of a broken ankle! For some strange reason vodka affects my decision with shoes aswell. The more vodka the higher the heel! By the time the dressing ritual is over it is certainly time to hit the town, but;

Where to go?
Now this might seem like a relatively easy decision to make but, beware there are many pitfalls! Starting off in a cheap pub then moving more up market as the night progresses is the best idea. Doing the opposite might end up with being chatted up by scroungers and losers! Ending up in a more upmarket bar or club will normally earn me a few drinks and good conversation! In the unfortunate event of ending up with no money left make sure you have a couple of cheap lighters and 10 ciggys (even if you don't smoke), other people allways run out of these things. last time i was out i sold a lighter for a pound, a cigarette for a pound and a cigarette for a vodka and coke! Not bad going! lol, Another imortant decision to make is;

What to drink?
This decision should definatley be made before have any drinks at all. Drinking the same drink all night is what i try to do, normally vodka and coke. The problem is that after a few vodkas i decide to try something different and normally end up mixing my drinks, resulting in a hangover!Another great idea that i keep forgetting to stick to is, only to drink water when i get into the nightclub. This works a treat if you stick to it, problem is the shots start looking very tempting by that time! After all of the traumatic decision making of a night out i sometimes wonder if it's all really worth it? I don't wonder for long- YES IT IS!

rm_ThreeLegs32 33M
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3/16/2006 1:18 pm

Sounds stressfull. You must be the best sales women their is to get a pound from a cigerrette, do you smoke? You really like to party, I bet your a great dancer too. Sounds like with enough vodka you wouldn't be wearing anything at all. LOL. How often do you go out and have to buy your own drinks, especially if their is a bunch of losers around to buy you those drinks, probably can't hold a conversation tho, huh? Well, don't go for the abercombie and bitch models, their more than likely broke, or their parents buy them every thing, Have a wonderful day. See ya

mailmantrouser2 55M
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3/16/2006 3:12 pm

Remember, it's not what you are showing, but the fact that you are showing it.

MONA_14 31F

3/19/2006 11:43 am

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