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8/19/2005 4:59 pm

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So I'm coming to a point in my life where I'm almost done with college and STILL unsure what I want to do. I'm a double major in Criminal Justice and Spanish....after changing it I don't know how many times! (Radio-TV-Film, Eduction, Journalism, Computers, Etc.) I have a bought a year and a half yet before I graduate and still am unsure...There are options and opportunities but I always wonder if its really what I want to do.

Its always been my dream to move to Southern California or Tampa Area florida, and I still plan on doing that. The only thing that I think will stop me is if I find someone that I fall in love with, but love to me isn't to common...I'm pretty picky when it comes to who I want to be with romantically. They have to be perfect...I don't know if that is a bad thing or a good thing. There have only been a few girls that I have been soo interested in that it knocks the breath out of me, and thats the kind of girl I want to be with, but if its soooo rare should I wait for that person?

At any rate, if she shows up great, that is one less void that has not yet been fulfilled. Then that leaves me with my career, which is the next biggest thing that I want to make sure is right. I don't want a job that I do to get by, I want something that I will enjoy, and I know I will get it, but it seems as if I think too much about it, one thing could happen and it would throw the whole process off track.

I'm probably over thinking these next few years too much and should just go with the flow, but its soo hard not knowing where I'm going to be. Not only confusing, but very frusterating if you know what I mean!

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