Younger folks...  

aprilhoney 53F
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4/25/2006 5:39 pm

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Younger folks...

Ok, my newest ramble. How many of you like going out with seriously younger folks? I keep getting emails from guys in their 20's and early 30's, even though my profile says I'm not interested in anyone younger than 37. I've dated one or two younger guys, married one of them, ended in divorce sad to say, and it has ALWAYS been a hassle being with a younger man. So, I am just curious about how others feel about it. Cheers!!


nightnsa 49M  
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4/26/2006 7:01 am

i am 37 and i love older women

rm_gasped76 41M

7/18/2006 9:23 am

sos hermosa!!!!!!!!!!

rm_kg682 58M

9/25/2006 9:26 am

They should be mature enough to handle your expertise.

luv2lik_n_okc 57M

12/21/2006 2:11 pm

It depends on why you are going out with them. If you want a relationship, a large age difference is tough. They don't even speak the same language much less have a similar level of wisdom/experience. And top that off with the fact that they read about our growing up years in a history

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