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6/27/2006 3:14 am
just for you

I can't believe I'm caught up in the stupidity between these two agencies now. Agency B (the one that does business with the client I would be working for) called me that agency A (the one I'm dealing with) won't cooperate but that he wants to offer me the job anyway (that would cut agency A out of the deal). Their client want me to work for free for the first while and agency A wants to pay me what the client wants to pay them (so agency B won't make any big money).

So they state they can understand my wanting to think it over and if I can get back to them.... then they figure I'll probably tell agency A they called me so agency B calls agency A to tell them they called me. They bicker a bit more and after that agency A calls me.

Agency A tells me a different story. They say the same about the client wanting me to work for free for the first while (no cure no pay, must have to do with that 'feeling' they have) and that simply is NOT done here on Venus, but they also tell me that agency B states that it's the CLIENT that has told them they want to pay substantially less for me than agreed upon earlier (in writing) (so agency B apparently just tries to make more money off the deal).

So now, if the agencies can't figure things out, I don't get anywhere. Politics SUCK.

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