Viva Democracy Viva!!!  

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Viva Democracy Viva!!!

It sounds like URBAN LEGEND but barely 13 years ago our country was still under the grip of the Apartheid Regime and hence their PORNO POLICE, the much dreaded Publication Board or Directorate of Publications as it was known, a Draconian, repressive, apartheid censorship instrument, whom had under Publications ACT 42 of 1974 that had continued until 1994 to derive and emasculate all hot blooded males & also prohibited their female counter parts from enjoying the purest form of eroticism available in the 20 Century, the uncensored Adult Magazine / Porno movies, available in most Western countries around the world, relegating it to a back door industry, or as I would liked to call it, an undergarment movement. Without going into too much details or rehashing moral debates, let it suffice to say that these absurd & out dated laws & acts were successfully challenged in the SUPREME COURT in 1994, the YEAR OF THE BIRTH OF OUR GREAT DEMOCRACY, allowing all mature South Africans above the age of 18 the right to see uncensored porn of their choice.

During the earlier years, the rights of the average South African citizen were severely restricted, their reading requirements ignored (not forgetting their erotic pleasures being withheld), and his personal free choice frowned upon, and often even being punished by heavy fines and jail sentences for being in possession of so called pornographic literature and or blue movies. Justice prevailed and despite suffering continuous bans, our favorite SA Adult mag (which I may not mention) was successful in having the banning of the previous 11 months of publication overturned and released their unfettered August 1994 edition. In honour I recount just 1 of the HOT LETTERS that has been etched in my memory banks for more than a decade and was so memorable & erotic that I can recount it verbatim.

French Tickler

My daughter Ginger spent her junior year in college with an exchange student in Paris. She stayed with a family there. The arrangement ran, their daughter would spend her next year of college in the US.

Ginger’s mother and I had been divorced for more than 10 years. When Ginger decided to go to college here, she moved in with me. So when she returned from Pairs, she brought the French Exchange student, Michelle, with her.
I don’t know what I expected, but I was impressed with the cargo that came home with my daughter.

Michelle was slim & dark. But there was something incredibly sexy about her. Maybe it was her packed, tight little body that swayed seductively with every step. Perhaps it was the way she flicked her tongue over her lip when she met me. A couple of weeks later, Ginger decided to spend the day out of town with a friend, where she would overnight. Michele remained home to study.

Late that night I heard some noises down in the kitchen.. Quietly investigating, the lights off, I peeked around the kitchen door. Michelle had opened the fridge to look for a snack. The wedge of light from the refrigerator fell across the young French girl, illuminating her firm 19 year old body. She wore a pink negligee that was deliciously transparent. There was a dark hint of snatch- a provocative little triangle- behind the pink cloud. She wore no panties. Michelle had creamy thighs and lovely slim legs. Her areolas were immense dark coins. They looked so delectable that l had to lick my lips. So as not to startled her, I backed up a few steps, making a sound as if I was just arriving and I came into the kitchen.

“Hello” she said with that slightly musical French accent of hers.

She continued to hold the door open, exposing light on her magnificent crotch. My dick grew as I grazed lustfully at her body. When she saw the tent my stiffening cock made in my robe, she giggled, jiggling her breasts as she stared at my hard on. She kept the door open and walked slowly by me, but close enough to brush against my robe. That was all I could take. I grabbed her lithe body and roughly pulled her towards me. Her mouth was sweet tasting, and the subtle fragrance of her body drove me wild. Purring, she nibbled my lower lip. She slipped her tongue into my mouth and I returned the passionate probe. Michelle rubbed her saucy tits against my chest as she opened my robe. Her sharp cones seemed to stab my chest with their heat. She moaned something intelligible in French in my ear as I pushed my pecker against her moistened crotch.

I crushed the young girl against me. Her flimsy negligee had hiked up to her waist and her wiry yet satin soft bush rubbed against my rigid staff. She wrapped her legs around me and murmured: ”Monsieur..”

Lifting her, I backed her up against the kitchen table. I laid the upper half of her slender body on the table, then I gently pushed her smooth legs apart. Her beautiful womanhood gaped before me, glistening with a sexy glaze. I pushed my rod into her tight, warm hole, stroking slowly into her snug pocket of pleasure. She mumbled something incoherent in French as I thrust harder and she groaned in ecstasy as I plunged completely inside her moist pussy .Her tits shimmied back & forth as I continued to drive my hard cock into her, slamming her back against the table. She was slick & tight. Her thighs squeezed my hips as she rose to meet me with her own powerful surge.

The raw, alluring smell of sex filled my nostrils. My nuts tightened and my hips began to jerk. Suddenly, a mighty load of jism poured out of me as I emptied my cum in her wanton womb. Michelle twitched and quivered ‒ gripping me in her velvet hold ‒ a lusty vice. My shaft pulsated rhythmically as my climax continued its eruption. My young seductress gasped as her own climax hit home, her love juices gushing out to mingle in a molten sea of love lava. She trembled & whimpered in delight, kissing me passionately while whispering “Merci Buacaux, Merci” against my trembling lips.
I lifted the young French nymph and carried her to my bedroom, where our exciting encounter continued.

“Vive la France!”

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Very good. It did bring back memories!!! I remember watching my first porno expecting the police to come banging down our door any second.

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