Fact or Fantasy??  

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11/26/2005 8:48 am

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Fact or Fantasy??


Two strangers frolicked in the surf on a partially deserted nude beach
Unclad and brazenly unashamed they played innocently with one another
Till suddenly their nakedness dawned upon their conscious minds
His lust filled gaze slithered over her sun drenched naked body
Noticing as for the first time, her full ripe breasts, perfectly hand shaped
Tipped with luscious pink, hard swollen bite able nipples, begging to be touched
Down her smooth stomach to the dusky fur lined delta of honey musk secret pleasure

She held out her inviting hand and sunk slowly spread eagled onto her back in the sand
As their fingers touched, electric shocks of unbridled passion enveloped their bodies
He sank down on her warm, wonderful & inviting sun lotioned body
Waves of ecstasy rocked their world as their lips met in a never ending lingering kiss
Breathless they explored, touched, probed, tasted, licked & sucked one another
Drinking each others love juices & exploring secret places
Trailing saliva along each another’s bodies as finally their bodies inter twined

She reached down and grabbed his engorged manhood, groaning in passion & delight
Feeling their pent up passion ignited & flames of ecstasy engulfing their loins
She guiding him into her yearning, hungry, moist & velvet mound of passion
As he filled her very being, she frantically arched her back to meet his spearing lunge
Taking him into the deepest, moistest, secret erotic centre of her body
Clenching his rock hard phallus in her throbbing pulsing vice like pussy
They heaved, rocked and cried in ecstatic unison as they rode on waves of pure passion
Plunging, heaving, giving, taking, pleading & pleasuring,
Licking, sucking, fucking to their hearts content
Squealing breathlessly as they rolled in the burning sand & salty sea
Primal animals tearing at each others flesh, demanding to satisfy their deepest craving
Wanting, sharing, taking, giving their secret pleasures to one another,

Plunging, rocking & rolling, reeling in exquisite pleasure
Ebbing and flowing like the waves rolling over their en-twined lip locked bodies
Up and down, down & up, riding waves of ecstatic passion
Reaching the verge of orgasmic eruption, they slowed down to catch a breath
Tumbling back down into their turbulent sea of lust
Till finally their clinging bodies, shaking with erotic pleasure
Met in a final lunge, desperately in need to quench their burning fires of desire
Cresting their final wave on their wonderful ecstatic sexual journey
Their bodies exploded in orgasmic bliss, blending their most intimate juices
Reeling and falling slowly, bodies en-twined in erotic dance
Their love seed seeping slowly, mingled, spilling in the sand
As they lay lip locked, exhausted, satisfied, their fires quenched
Hearts thumping, sweat drenched, they closed their and sank into peaceful abyss
Suddenly I awoke, was it just an erotic dream or did I really experience the best fuck for which I have always yearned!!

Myslutwantsafuck 60M/59F

12/7/2005 12:26 am

Way to go. That got our juices running!!Feel like a three or foursome. We aim to please.

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