Caught in the rain can be fun!  

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12/10/2005 12:54 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Caught in the rain can be fun!

Being a consultant having to go out and see clients does have its ups and downs. It is either too hot and you want to die out in the sun. Or you get caught in the rain as I did this week.

I had to go and see a client in town. When I left the morning the sun was shining and I wore a black skirt and a colorful top made of light material.

Arriving in Durban the weather had changed. I could not find a parking close to his home and had to park a block away. It had started raining and my umbrella was at home. I jumped out and ran down the road but still managed to get drenched to the skin.

I knocked on the door and he opened it. I introduced myself and as I reached out to shake his hand I could see his eyes on my chest. I looked down and saw the shirt clinging to me like a second skin, showing my big nipples standing up,hard from being so cold.

He invited me in, and went and got a towel. I was sitting on his dining room chair. He came up behind me and started drying my hair, then my neck. He walked to the front of me and dried of my arms and then placing the towel over my chest, started drying my boobs.

It felt so weird. This man that I did not know, drying me off. Standing on his keees in-front of me, he dropped the towel and pulled my shirt off, then my bra. He kissed my boobs. Licking them, moving down to my navel. My whole body was tingling (could it be from the cold?).

He pulled my skirt off and then my wet panty, then he buried his face in my lap. Licking my clit - I could feel the blood rushing to my pussy and my clit grew bigger and bigger. I opened my legs wide - feeling his breath against my skin. I was so horny. He stood up - pulled his pants off,showing me this big beautiful cock. He pulled me up and pushed me onto the dining room table. Luckily it was a nice big strong table. He climbed on and pushed his cock into me. I loved the warm feeling of the hard cock going into my nice wet tight pussy.

We were humping away, not aware of anything around us. We both came together with a huge shiver. When we sat up we saw a tray with tea standing on the sideboard. The maid had come in and we had not seen her. He wrapped me in the big towel and disappeared with my clothes.

When he returned he was dressed. We drank tea and signed the business deal that I had come to see him about. In fact he did not ever ask many questions and was eager to sign the deal.

A little while later the maid came in with my clothes. I thanked her and slipped into the bathroom where I freshened up and got dressed.

It was not so bad getting wet in the rain!

dimples1214 59F

12/17/2005 9:35 am

I like your story. It has been raining a lot. I would not mind being caught in the rain............ Sounded like you had lots of fun!

rm_fatttone 42M

12/27/2005 12:02 pm

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