Me, myself and the meaning of life? Getting a life?  

anthonyfca 61M
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3/8/2006 4:24 am
Me, myself and the meaning of life? Getting a life?

Am I very spiritual?
very" is not a word I would use. However, I am interested in why we are here, why we do what we do, where lies the path to or of happiness, trips off and around the path and how we make these choices, how we can be who we want to be rather than a victim of what we have experienced, whether changing who we are is good/bad/choice and whether living anywhere other than in right now is being asleep and not therefore having a life.

You might say these are philosophy rather than spirituality... if so my question is what is the difference?

As to philospophy I like the idea that there was and what was became curious; bearing in mind that within infinity of is, an infinitely small amount of curious, is enough. Thus what was split itself into what was and what was not. Thereby also creating all that is in between, neither what was nor what was not. Did what was see this coming? I wonder. For it had no frame of reference, no point of view and perhaps I offer this was the first surprise; ever.

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