I'm an angel...  

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3/10/2006 8:17 am

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I'm an angel...

and so are you.. When all that was split itself into also what was not and everything in between, it did this to experience so that it would know joy - for without knowing what is not, it surmised it could not know what is. Thus all was split into parts and these bits were sent off to acquire experience. Each could choose what to experience and when. Only one catch: no memory of before the experience commencement is allowed once it starts. Thus innocence; as in a baby. A blank sheet ready to gain experience, beginning with the choice of parents so the first purpose in life is to resolve the differences between each parent (called surviving childhood - or not!).

Anyway, first to resolve the chosen parents, then to resolve itself (to become whole by dealing with all (re-pairing) emotional damage) and then to get in touch with that ever present one: self. To silence the crowd of voices talking in my head. This might be the path, or at least the beginning of it. I spend most of my time somewhere around it rather than actually on it... distracted you might say, for I have my free will to explore, much as I am doing here.

It doesn't have to be true to play with the idea.

What if we are all angels? There's an idea... just what if?


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