Adventure in sex (again)  

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4/15/2005 1:13 pm

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Adventure in sex (again)


Elle: Ok, so we first went to (A Strip Club) in SE Florida. I was kind of nervous ‒ it’s a bit rowdier than I’m used to….

Toney: ^^I had also got us lost and drove us through some really bad areas near the place.^^

E: Toney asked me if I wanted a lap dance. I wasn’t feeling comfortable or ‘in the mood’ so I said ‘no’. but he’d already asked a waitress who the girl friendly dancers were, so when I went to the bathroom ‒ one of the girl friendly ones went to Toney & so it happened anyways, but I was glad in retrospect!

T: ^^I was sure she would be mad because she had said no. The dancer had come over, sat and asked me if I was the one of had asked for her. It was the girl the waitress had pointed out to me and I had tried to show her to Elle but I don’t think she saw her. She was short but she was cute and had a very nice attitude. Luckily, Elle was ok with it.^^

E: that’s one great thing about this whole exploratory set up ‒ you have someone who loves u & knows u really well with you to kind of challenge you to take an extra baby step when ur not sure ‒ or iffy or whatever. ANYways ‒ there wasn’t a whole lot of chemistry or attraction that I felt towards the dancer…… she was a little short & very round ‒ fake boobs, but they were nice! The best thing about it was that she told me it was ok to touch her!

T: ^^She let me, too. I have never really felt a fake boob. Not long enough to really feel it. That was cool.^^

E: That’s something I really wanted to do & it’s not allowed at the other clubs we’ve been to…. I love the feel of women’s skin!!!!! It was great! She explained that in that small area, it was ok as long as the girl told you it was ok…. Further North or South was more conservative……

She wanted us to stay, but I was warmed up enuff, so we took off. The lap dance before this one was still 1,000,000 times better than this one, but that’s a whole nother story!

So, next we went to the swingers club. 1st impression ‒ yikes! We walked in and it was PACKED! I hate walking into clubs (especially dance clubs) & they are too crowded. Toney said he felt the same. But we soldiered on….. we went to the bar & got a shot of tequila & a beer. We split the shot.

T: ^^these places are byob.^^

E: I guess it was after we started dancing that we realized that the crowded part wasn’t so bad!

T: ^^The two women right next to us basically took their tops off within a minute of hitting the floor.^^

E: I’m a firm believer in the concept that if men & women are kewl with their sexuality, it takes an edge off of them. The aggressive etc. ‒ slightly threatening feeling I get in a different kind of club wasn’t there. It was really different ‒ a nice surprise. Since I had my liquid courage ‒ I got pretty bold. I’d been thinking of giving Toney a lap dance for a while. So I did.

T: ^^It was a dirty dance floor^^

E: I’ve done it at home but not a lot - (takes a LOT of prep time & I always get nervous lol) -and not lately.

I also got to dance with a girl-

T: ^^A cute gay girl with a attitude. They did some cool dirty dancing^^

E: -it was the salsa or the meringue I think….. Toney actually let me do something very naughty to him in the vip room. It was a first for both of us.

T: ^^There was a line at the door to the sex room. All the beds were full.^^

E: I think he liked it!!!!!! There was a very wide variety of ppl there! There were a number of 50+ ppl, but they didn’t dominate. All ages & sizes with a random sprinkling of super hot & rather large. It felt soooo free & kewl. No one sharked us. At all. The most aggressive thing that happened was a guy said something very nice about my butt.

It seemed to me that ppl picked up very well on boundaries (we weren’t putting out ‘we’re looking’ energy & I didn’t make any extended eye contact).

The food was good, the dancing was a LOT of fun ‒ some girls went topless on the dance floor. We lost my stockings & underwear & went in the Jacuzzi. It was decadent & awesome. I felt like a rich, spoiled bohemian earlier today, b4 we had to go grocery shopping…. Lol!

T: ^^After 4 turn downs I had to send a compaint about constant rejections and now I am being told it was a mistake. Let's hope so!^^

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