The jewelry lesson  

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3/12/2006 5:57 am

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The jewelry lesson

I had to travel rather extensively for work recently and would usually spend 3-4 weeks in each location. In one location I found a bead store that gave classes so signed up for an evening class. Not many showed up ‒ it was me, an older woman (Jane) and the teacher (Jim). We learned how to work with wire and make our own earrings. Then Jane wanted to know how to make a nipple ring ‒ a non-piercing nipple ring with perhaps a dangle on the end like she’d seen on-line.

Jim was a little embarrassed but didn’t hesitate for very long. He showed us what to do and we each made one. Then Jane unbuttoned her sweater to reveal two perky tits with extremely erect nipples. She asked me to help her get the ring on and I did, with Jane emitting an occasional squeal of delight as I had to fondle her quite a bit. Poor Jim just stood by and watched.

Jane loved the ring and loved how it felt. Then she said it was my turn and proceeded to unbutton my shirt. My nipples tend not to be very perky and when Jane saw my breasts she said she’d just have to take care of that! So she just started to fondle one and even went so far as to nibble it and get it wet so the air conditioner in the store would perk it up. It worked and she got the nipple ring on. We both then modeled for Jim. He of course said they looked just fine ‒ did we want to make a matching one for the other side?

Smart man ‒ of course we did. And of course we worked on them with our bare breasts showing. It felt so good and I was so horny and wet it was hard not to rub myself right then and there.

The second rings went together faster and both my nipples were hard as bullets so Jane didn’t have to do any fondling and licking ‒ which I was a little sorry about. I think she knew though as she took longer than necessary getting my ring on and spent some time adjusting the first one.

We posed briefly for Jim and he had a huge appreciative smile ‒ and quite a bulge in his pants.

Then Jane abruptly said she had to leave and so the two of left Jim to deal with his stiffy. I went to my car and immediately rubbed my hard, hot and wet pussy to a thundering orgasm. I was just starting to rub myself to a 2nd one when the passenger door opened and Jane got in the car.

She told me not to stop what I was doing on her account. So I kept rubbing and she watched and occasionally rubbed herself. Then she told me she just loved to get people horny then catch them in the act of masturbating. She told me that after we both left she went back into the store. After he got started jacking off she made her presence known and told him not to stop she wanted to watch. After watching a bit she stripped and laid back in a chair and masturbated herself with the same rhythm he was using. She said it didn’t take long for them to have a whopping huge climax just about in unison. When she came back outside she was surprised to find me still there. Apparently it’s not as easy to catch a woman playing with herself ‒ especially in a public place.

At this point I was moaning and about ready to have another orgasm. Jane put her hand down her own pants and started rubbing herself in unison with me. I could hear the juices in both of our pussies as we rubbed and it wasn’t long until we both climaxed. I was so excited I kept rubbing to go for yet another orgasm. I just couldn’t stop. Jane smiled like she’d hit a jackpot and helped me along by nibbling on my nipples. My third orgasm was more intense than the first two and afterward I had to just sit there panting. My hand was too tired to move anymore. Jane smiled and got out of the car. I went back to my hotel and made good use of my vibrator.

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3/12/2006 6:34 am

Are you coming to my town I'd love to meet. big1utah

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3/12/2006 7:18 am

Are you coming to MD anytime soon ???

Purry {=}


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3/14/2006 3:13 am

linda loves your keep us on the edge of our chairs with anticipation.


rm_hanger7441 71M

3/22/2006 12:42 am

Damn you, you did it to me again, (that is the best kind of damn). My cock was oozing love juice by the 5th paragraph.
You do have a wonderful talent, thanks so much for the mental stimulation.

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