Today on my Blog :P  

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2/20/2006 7:06 pm

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Today on my Blog :P

Well this day was rather nice, I drove a friend of mine home today. Only to recieve something I really wasn't expecting at all.

First I should descibe he I guess, she's just a foot shorter then me, shoulder lenght, brown hair, gorgeous blue eyes. Really amazing tits and a wonderful ass. Makes me hard just thinking about her and what happened.

On the way home we just listened to music until the news and weather and shit came on, we turned the radio off then, and started talking about how life was goin and stuff. Just little things, then she asked me if I have a girlfriend.

Well that's definately a no now... That girl I mentioned before, has lost interest in me for sure... *sigh* Oh well, just keep going right?

Anyways back to what happened, after a while our conversation became a little unique from what we usually talk about. Cause she doesn't talk about sex freely, well in the years that I've known her she hasn't so this was a little odd. But I liked it. It was nice talking to her about this sort of stuff.

After a while she reached over and started stroking my cock through my jeans. I was already hard as a rock from our convo, cause we did share some fantasies with each other.

To be continued...

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