bras and panties  

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2/12/2006 11:20 am

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bras and panties

This was sent to me by a friend in CA...he's just a bit of a poet...

i had this dream of you in a lacey bra and
matching panties as you were
bending over watering your plants at your parents
house and i came up
quietly behind you and started to kiss the back
of your neck and
reached my arms around to your breasts, taking
one each gently in my
hands knowing how sensitive you are there ... the
kissing on your neck
sends chills all over you and you bend over more
pressing your ass into
my groin ... feeling my hard heat rising you moan
and bend over more
.... my tongue sweetly licking your neck you
reach behind and feel the
bulge you want with your hands and gasp ... you
want to merge, you want
me inside you sweetie ... you unzip my pants and
release my hard lingum
and you begin to stroke me while sliding me
between the soft cheeks of
your ass ... my hands playing with your nipples
and my kisses all over
your neck and shoulders ... you stroke me more
and place my head on
your lips as your juice drips on me ... both of
us moaning together ...
you play with me, poking at your flower gates ...
your juice collecting
on my hardness, my head just spreads your lips
and how you want me, you
lean back trying to take me, but i lean back,
keeping me just knocking
at your door, ... this cat and mouse play
continues till your wetness
is running down my long hard cock .... you bend
over fully and i gently
spank your luscious ass, and distracted by the
slight sting you gasp as
my long hard rod plunges into you and takes you
fully! i stay for a
moment pressing even harder and deeper, let you
feel me inside of you,
minutes go by as i rest my hardness in you
feeling your purr
contracting around me. i then slide slowly out
and back in ... sliding
in and out slowly, both of us treasure every inch
as your wet juicy
purr surrounds me ... the rhythm builds, feeling
me in and out, ecstasy
abounds, take me deeper you moan, take me harder
you scream ... baby,
my want for you at it’s peak, i'm taking you deep
and hard baby, deeper
and harder with all my desire, your legs shake as
it's almost too much
this primal thrust and all your lust … you scream
fuck me!! Fuck me
hard!!! Fuck me soooo hard!!!! And baby I grab
your ass and start
fucking you honey, just like you want, just like
you’ve been thinking
about, just like you need!! .... and then your
body begins to convulse,
full with orgasm, i plunge so deep into you,
deeper then you've ever
known, your purr convulsing on my hard cock, my
arms around you, my
breath on you, my body dripping on you, take me
honey, take me deep,
and your purr in perfect rhythm, draws from me
and my lingum begins to
pulse, my seed coming from the core, i give the
primal yell, and press
into you even harder and deeper, my orgasm on
verge, makes you start
another, and your warm wet purr stroking my hard
cock so that i cum
hard baby, i cum hard shooting my seed deep in
you, and your entire
body goes into a primal wave your pelvis
thrusting uncontrollable as we
cum together into sweet bliss ......

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