The first meeting  

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1/19/2006 12:30 pm

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The first meeting

This is an experience I had with someone I meet off of AdultFriendFinder a little over a year ago. He and I ended up dating for a short time and remained good friends until recently. (J, I hope you know how sorry I am for the way I have behaved over the last few month when it comes to you....I still think of you very fondly...and miss your teasing.)

We'd only talked a week before we met. Most of that was in teasing emails and one 2-hour phone call. I'd knew we hit it off from the start. Sure he was 5 years younger than me...but I didn't care. I hadn't even seen a picture of him and he was already getting into my head. We decided to go see a movie during the day...a cheesy horror flick.

When I saw him for the first time I remember thinking what a cute baby face he had. We sat in the car for a few minutes before we went in and he started playing with my hands. Oh god the electricity that went thru them. I thought I would cum just from that...but I regained what composure I could and we went to see the movie.

I'll be honest, I don't remember much about the movie. Just remember him laughing because of the little purrs and moans I was making as he played with me. Nothing overtly sexual at this point, just little touches and nibbles. I was amazed at how easily he could play my body. No one before (or after) had that affect on me. I already knew that when we finally did have sex it was going to be explosive. After the movie we talked and kissed in the car, but my time was limited so I had to leave.

That night things worked out for me to see him for a few hours...but I didn't want something quick and short with this one...oh no. I planned on enjoying him for a long time the first time we fucked. So we took a drive up to parkway to talk. Of course we did talk and kiss...then he decides to tease me horribly. He wouldn't let me touch him...but with his fingers he drove me wild. The windows were all fogged up and I had a hand impression on the roof of my car for days lol. His fingers played my pussy so perfectly that I was purring all night...and longing for much more.

It was a wonderful experience...but not nearly as powerful as the next weekend when we escaped to a little hideaway for the weekend. What I would give to find someone that can have that effect on me again.

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