The Kitty Zone  

angelwithahalo 60F
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4/22/2005 12:53 pm

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The Kitty Zone

Now we have all heard of the movie "The Birds"Imagine if you can the pussy zone.I enter this zone 2x a week.40 sphinxs yes the naked cats you got it 19 of these adorable little hairless creatures are under 3 months old.These animals breed faster then jack rabbits.God made them ugly but did give them wonderful personalities..hey even animals need to have redeeming qualities, but 40 of them oh my lord.They are playful little things, they are capable of leaping huge distances in a single jump destroying furniture with their sharp claws and generally being anywhere you dont want them to be.Twice a week I clean the cages(they keep the males locked up go figure),empty pans,coo at the little ratlike babies, avoid tripping mopping or stepping on the other little ones, haul up 20 lb containers of kitty litter, and yes do their laundry.The best part though is that I cannot remember which name goes with which cat I have the males downpat but the rest of them yikes,I mean how does one tell the difference between 1 bald cat and another?I think they should all wear those hello my name is tags..the owner didnt think that was funny.
So if ya know anyone that wants one of these naked adorable little critters please let me know, allergies are not an excuse not to own one I mean shouldnt we all?
P.S. Downstairs I clean up Persians talk about one end of the spectrum to another.There are only 10 of those at the moment but we are expecting 2 litters

papyrina 52F
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4/24/2005 1:53 am

good luck in finding good homes for them,i have two cats and feed alot of strays more than enough for me lol,

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