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4/24/2006 10:50 pm

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evil do gooder

recently, i replied to a blog-friend's wordy post. I am not writing this because i am mad. i am composing it to ensure the balance of blogville. ya know the equality between woman and man; dark devilish angel vs. smiths that use vocabulary to their upmost advantage.

i dont dote on men, much less women, even if i happened to stand in front of jenna jameson. no need. keep genuine to yourself and others seek you out. with strongness exuding, it has people running faster toward me than carnivores salivating to a steak.

in all fairness, my pal is himself. he did win the AdultFriendFinder mens calendar. had i known how popular he was, i wouldn't have cast my ballot for him, for obviously he didnt need mine. plus, i had wanted to stay true to the one top guy that exceeds any election, period! seeing that this top blogger, thought i was "drooling" for his affections, i wish to set the record spinning, straighten, and then placed in its protective envelope for safe keeping.

was going to cash in on my booty, if "he" being May 2006, casted his role to entertain fellow taureans. i know having a boytoy could be hellishly stimulating for the 30th. to do what is willed without yielding, (even though that is how i live life).

tie him up in a big black leather knot or 2. i'll bite the straps off with my teeth, preluding to a generous celebration; a blowout; a frolic; a rememberance; an observance. then send ya home to your many fanatics, to complete a journal entry of the night you were taught how to respect an angelplusdevil. kisskiss

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