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according to playboy magazine, bettie page is "the queen of pin-ups; the model of the century, yet she remains one of its best kept secrets." is an underground phenomenon, a puzzling "bad girl next door" cult figure - sort of our collective guilty pleasure.

bettie page grew up, poor, in nashville, tn. mother didn't want her. father molested her. was an exceptional student. raised in the church.

with the trademarked black bangs, fabulous killer curves, and sweet smile, she loved movies, and dreamed of a film career. yet her life is an impossible incursion of near misses, bad luck, and lost opportunities.

in ny she drifted innocently into modeling, posing for camera clubs. that beautiful smile "suggested forbidden fruit as well as apple pie," said playboy. charm, appeal, danger, sensual in the photos was beyond what words could convey. she became playboy's miss january 1955.

bettie found that her provocative cheesecake photographs during the period of 1950 through 1957 violated all manner of sexual taboos and finally invoked a united states senate committee investigation.

she never gave interviews, not even when her silent photos were ubiquitous. then this ultimate pin-up was gone -- vanished from view. a mystery, death, hidden? rumors abounded.

eleven years ago the truth was revealed. while battling some fierce inner demons, the legend had quietly fled new york, deciding to live a completely christian lifestyle. through the years, to protect the privacy she craved, when people would recognize her and ask if she was bettie page, she'd answer, "who's that?"

incredible as it may seem, all this time page was completely oblivious of her own profound impact upon america's sexuality, pop culture, and thriving industry that had arisen around her celebrated image.

examples include: dave stevens created comic book hero called "the rocketeer," with a love interest clearly inspired by page; disney adapted it as a vehicle for oscar-winning actress jennifer connelly. the noted artist olivia, who has been painting page for a quarter century, was the first to successfully integrate her fetish imagery for a high fashion licensee, fiorucci jeans.

hugh hefner says page's appearance in playboy was a milestone, and that "she became, in time, an american icon, her winning smile and effervescent personality apparent in every pose. a kinky connection was added by irving klaw's spanking, fetish and bondage photos, which became part of the bettie page mystique; they were playful parodies that are now perceived as the early inspiration for madonna's excursions into the realm of sexual perversion."

despite having worked with but a single competent photographer, having thousands of her photographs destroyed on purpose following the congressional hearings, and also dealing with voluminous fakes, the transcendent bettie page continues to inspire documentary films, designers' fashions, artists' fetishes, and fans' fantasies.

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Gotta love the history lessons

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Darlin... this is, for my money, your best blog to date. Very nice topic, well written, kudos to you. Perhaps a "Women of the Sexual Revolution" series is in order?

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she is a beauty gem, nice post


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