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8/22/2006 9:35 pm Ok... This is about YOU. magnify
Do you have unconditional love?

The same way I cried back then. I got over him.
So, I'll get over this. And I'll get over you.
I don't think you're coming back for me. And I'm okay with that.
There's beauty in it. Keeps me aware of things.
I'm humble enough to admit it.

And when I was down about you. I'm really down about you.
Cuz when you were here. We were true perfection.
I rode the wave and had that crave for you and laid back in contentment.

Patience is a virtue. They say.
But now that's gone away. And you with it...
And I must admit it. I held on as long as I could.
As long as you had me, I would.

You have total disregard for the guard I had around me
And my deepest emotion that I willingly gave
At nite, sometimes, I still can't breathe
And can't believe, that you can't see,
How grateful, not hateful I still remain.
When I wallow in your essence despite my pain...

That's true love. Real love. Love unconditional.
You wanted a ride-or-die.
And I gave you that. That Bonnie & Clyde.
But there's a thin line. 'Tween submissiveness and naivety.
I gave you freedom, I gave in to you... I gave you me.

Holdin' you down while you're away
Listening and pondering on the things you say
To me...
... I listened. You hear me?
Everything. I savored each word. I lived on each word.
I cherished you and your words that now seem absurd.

From your mouth, you said "Words hold life"
And I never imagined you would bring STRIFE to life.
My life.
And yet and still I am selfless to you.
What I have for you is true. And yet been misconstrued.
And unconditional love... I still love you.

My pain sometimes is unbearable
When spoken to, I'm way back a year ago.
In my memories of you and how we vibed
And now it's unbearable all the times I cried
And why?

Love unconditional. I've been blessed with that. You see.....
That's my reason and it's honest fact
And I hope you can be man and change your acts
See your ways while you have your chance.

And not with me... But your "now" lady
Keep it real with me

It is what it is soldier.
Each day we're gettin older.... Don't hustle the ones you love
I wake up now, with my heart a little lighter
Cuz when a man wants a lady, he shows her he's a fighter
And I won't have it any other way. So I say... So I say....

But I just might take you back (today) if you came back my way.

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