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8/22/2006 10:20 pm spike and pussy


It had been a long day, court appearances, lunch with a client, and an afternoon of dictating letters to her secretary, Kari. It was well after six o’clock and all she could think about was having a tall cocktail and not thinking at all about the law for at least an hour! She exited her office building and hailed a cab and gave the cabby an address on the near north side. Ten minutes later she was standing in the lobby of her favorite after work hangout waiting to check her coat. She stopped in the restroom to freshen up before making her way towards the long bar at the far end of the room. >>

The soft music playing in the background was already having a soothing effect on her psyche. When she neared the bar the regular hostess, Fran, smiled broadly and offered, “Good evening, Mz. Watkins, and what may we do for you this evening?” She hadn’t realized how really tense she was, so after a moment’s thought she replied softly, “I think I’ll have a spike and a pussy!”

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